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Mega 09-07-2013 11:25 PM

Your own, personal JARVIS
Your own, personal JARVIS: The world's about to get a lot more ballin' on September 10 | Moviepilot: New Stories for Upcoming Movies


Technology is an amazing thing, and no other person has cooler tech than Tony Stark. Unfortunately, none of us are genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropists (but if you are, you should totally call me), so the most high-tech stuff we can get with our mere mortal salaries is the PS4 this winter, or maybe a Tesla car or Google Glass if we’re really swank.

But the powers that be over at Marvel Studios are set to unleash pretty much the coolest app ever upon the world. Timed with the release of the Iron Man 3

DVD & Blu-ray, Marvel’s JARVIS app will be available as a free download for iOS (As a ‘Droid user, I’m shaking my fists at the sky). The JARVIS app is designed to be an interactive assistant controlled with voice command, and yes, it will feature the voice of Paul Bettany, who recorded over 20 hours of voice work for the app. The app is meant to function as both a second screen app, enabling users to unlock exclusive content from the film, including all 42 Mark suits and an enigmatic “Ghost” file, and also as a personal assistant: The JARVIS app can function as an alarm clock, scan local weather for you, and also post to social media.

The app will go live on September 10th, leading to the release of the Iron Man 3 DVD on September 24th. Check out the screen shots below of the menu screens:

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