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Mega 05-09-2012 11:36 PM

Slower internet?
Since we switched back to Comcast early this year we've had no problems at all, but one finally had to pop up lol.

We're paying for 50 download / 10 up internet with comcast. It's been working fine until now. Lately it's been completely cutting out for a few seconds (just long enough to dc me from games) and most of the time my ping is unusually high.

When we first went back we had about 30ish ping over the wifi. (20 if it was plugged straight in) Now it's around 70ish whether we're on the wifi or plugged straight in, neither one helps or hurts it.

I called them to see if they knew why this was happening, but the only thing they found supposedly was a few missing packets during a test they ran and said it shouldn't be a problem / it should be fine in a couple of days. Well that was Monday and it's still doing it.

It seems to happen mostly at night, but occasionally it happens during the day now too.

Anyone know what could be up with it? (I've already done virus scans / cleaned up all 3 computers just to make sure it wasn't something to do with them)

kag 05-10-2012 06:01 AM

Interference of some sort?
Did you add/change any electronics, shifted the router/modem recently.

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