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Crave 07-14-2010 02:02 PM

Suggestion for new game mode
I had a dream the other night.... sadly it was about Combat Arms. It was a very interesting dream-game I played.

So here is the jist of my game mode.

When it started I was located on a Dark Wood kind of map but with more cabins and a 2 story building in the center. Ladders were on the small cabins and there were usable weapons on top of them such as dynamite, a lighter, and some C4. In the 2 story building there was a medal stair on both sides of the building that lead up to a medal floor with a weird charging device on it that could fit a person.

Half of the people that spawn were "Terminator"-like figures and the other half were very agile wolf-like creatures. The Terminators were very slow, powerful, and had a lot of defense. They were equipped similar to a Super Spy except they had a giant laser. They do not have automatic weapons because that would be too powerful I think. The speedy wolf-like creatures like I said... they were very agile, defense was normal, life was the same as the Terminators. You could use the guns you had normally on your character.

The Objective:
Terminators need to Terminate the Wolves and Wolves need to use the Explosives around the map (or in your inventory) to break the Terminators armor in order to damage the Terminators. After the Terminators armor has broken they can hurry to the charger in the 2 story building to rebuild that armor. Terminators are untouchable until their armor has broken.

2 Story Building Charger:
The charger is to replenish the Terminators defense 1 at a time.

Defense vs Speed

It's a very silly idea that makes an interesting game mode.

This was a dream of mine so do not flame, in dreams anything can happen.

What do you guys think?

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