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OneOfAKind 06-26-2011 03:27 AM

[OneOfAKind]ís [Pure HP] Racoon Guide

Hello guys! First of all, thank you for taking your time on reading this guide. Now, we will be talking about a very peculiar build. Peculiar, in a sense that this is not recommended being your first character choice, since on early levels you wonít have any offensive skills that will complement your main stat HP, this may need you to get elemental weapons to boost your attack strength, but along the way you will get those HP related skills which are pretty good. All you need is patience and dedication. This build is focused on building defense because itís said that a good defense is the best offense, well you can prove that here because some skills will show you that the higher the HP and DP the higher the damage!

Before I proceed to the guide I would like to thank the following people for helping me out through the course of this guide:

Mirae: for giving me info about raccoon skills.
Moffit: for providing me Gambler screenies.
Simplyecks: giving me more skill info and idea on how to build the equipments for my HP raccoon.
Janexii / ChocoGlaze: for proof reading my work before I release it to the public. And giving me moral support.

This guide is created by OneOfAKind of contents may not be redistributed without permission from the creator.

Please give a +rep if this guide is helpful to you
Thank you so much guys!
Comments are pretty much appreciated.

I. Pros and Cons
II. Build Graphs
III. First Job
IV. Second Job
V. Third Job
VI. Skill Breakdown

OneOfAKind 06-26-2011 03:28 AM

I. Pros and Cons:
-Huge amount of raw HP compared to any other character.
-High Defense.
-Has good AoE skills.
-Great Buffs and Passives Skills.
-Can solo Bosses pretty well, even in low levels.
-Hard to train without Elementals in early stages. Due to the lack of single offensive damaging skills on early levels.
-Requires you to change to high level potions earlier than other builds.
-Erratic Skills.
-Some offensive skills take a long time to cast.
-Requires Myshop Equipment (ex. Weapons that are HP compoundable) to get to its full potential.

OneOfAKind 06-26-2011 03:30 AM

II. Build Graphs:

4114 - This build will give you high damage on card skills and Volley Kick. The only downside of this build is its weight problem.

3124 - The default build graph when creating a Charm-type. This build gives you a good amount of power, and a decent amount of weight. A good beginner’s build. This build will give you good card skill and Volley Kick damage. Recommended when choosing the Duke 3rd Job Class.

2134 - A sacrifice of power to boost weight, I wouldn’t recommend this build. Unless you are too worried about your weight, this build will give you a decent round of critical attacks. And fair Card Skill and Volley Kick Damage.

1144 - The hardest one to use specially on low levels. In this build, you won’t get bothered with weight issues and your hits almost always land critical. This build is recommended if you have elementals to start with, and if you are choosing a Gambler 3rd Job Class, this build lowers the recoil damage of Full House. But I won’t recommend this build to everyone. Only to those who have patience.

OneOfAKind 06-26-2011 03:34 AM

III. 1st Job [Teacher]:
This is the most difficult part of creating this build that even I got bored many times when grinding at early stages. The only break that I got is when I was finally able to equip the Pharaoh Set (Level:35) since it offers elemental attributes so you are able to kill mobs faster this time. Since this build doesn’t have any single offensive damaging skills yet, we might as well make up for buffs and passives. At this point you can learn a bunch of buffs and passives to support your character’s defenses.

So let’s talk about the skills:

Warm Up:
A beginner skill. The only free charm type skill you can acquire.
Dodge Mastery:
Increases HV. Dodge Mastery is the bread and butter buff skill for charms since it is related to most charm skills available. Well in this case, its chain connected skills are Manna Reflector, Sumo Suit and Swinging Hips.
Manna Reflector:
Reflects Magic attacks a very good skill in GvG, PvP and PvM, requires HV for more damage reduction so cast your Dodge Mastery if you want to activate this as well.
Shield All:
Raises DP and affects party members, Stacks with Sturdy Shield, This skill combined with Sturdy Shield will let you have monsters hitting you with 0 Damage on early levels due to high defense.
Sturdy Shield:
An Individual skill that raises DP; A very good buff that will work in conjunction with Shield All since combined with your HP and Team Bolster (with party members near you of course) will raise Siren’s Song’s damage when choosing the Duke 3rd Job Class.
Skunk Pouch:
The target cannot move if the skill connects successfully, this is a great skill good for stunning bosses and other players and once stunned, use Impelling Rage. Just be sure it is within the skill’s range for maximum damage.
Skunk Pouch has a downside, its effectiveness is very erratic (you may cast the skill several times for it to successfully connect) so master it for increased effectiveness.

Physical Training:
Increases your character's base HP. A must-have skill for a pure HP build. The higher the HP, the higher the Impelling Rage Damage.

OneOfAKind 06-26-2011 03:36 AM

IV. 2nd Job [Card Master]:
At this stage, you will eventually try to decide whether you’re going to be a Gambler or a Duke. If your plan is to go Duke, although this is the Card Master Stage, you won’t be learning any card skills yet, why? Because you’re an HP type, and card skills are based on HV (and some AP), you can just learn it later if you like. And for the guys who would like to get Metamorphosis, it is not recommended to do so, since it’s also based on HV (AP,DP and LK). I suggest you finish the unmastered buffs from the 1st job since they are more helpful than other 2nd job offensive skills. The skills that are interesting for this build are: Super Hips and Impelling Rage. If you plan to go Gambler, then you can learn Card Skills together with Super Hips and Impelling Rage since the 3rd Job skill Full House requires One Pair. So you better learn Card Strike to get One Pair.
Card Strike:
A ranged offensive skill that consumes 1 Empty Card. Deals splash short range AoE Damage.

Super Hips:
This allows the user to avoid all critical attacks and power attacks coming from an enemy of the similar level. A very helpful passive add-on skill to Dodge Mastery.
Impelling Rage:
HP-based AoE skill that pushes target away from the user. Can hit up to 5 targets. The 1st Offensive Damaging skill you will learn (If you’re planning to be a Duke) and it’s worth the wait, since you will enjoy pushing enemies away and the longer they travel the higher the damage, so don’t put your targets near an obstacle or a wall because their damage will be decreased. This skill also relies on your current HP so the higher the HP you currently got the stronger the damage. This is good together with Skunk Pouch when hunting Boss Monsters, I remember killing Tut with just 1 Critical Impelling Rage attack (unfortunately no uniques).
One Pair:
A ranged offensive skill that consumes 2 Empty Cards. Unlike Card Strike this skill only hits one target.

OneOfAKind 06-26-2011 03:41 AM

V. 3rd Job:
First of all I would like to congratulate you for reaching 3rd Job because coming this far is not an easy task. To narrow your choices Iíll summarize the abilities of Duke and Gambler. Gamblers are Offense Oriented, having an array of AoE Skills: Full House, and Power Charging. While Dukes on the other hand are more Defense Oriented having one of the best defensive skills on your disposal: Sumo Suit. The choice is entirely up to you. Offense or Defense?

[Gambler] Skills:
Power Charging:
A stronger version of Impelling Rage but it can hit up to 6 targets.
Full House:
A powerful AoE card skill that does high damage and adds a stun effect if a target is successfully hit. But this skill is a double edged sword. If a caster failed to damage the target. The caster will take the damage; success and fail rates are determined by LK. Uses 5 Empty Cards. This skill is based on AP, HV and LK. Although this is not as powerful as an HV Full House, itís still effective specially if chained with other AoEs.
Lady Luck:
An add-on skill for One Pair that alters the damage formula of the skill. This skill increases the Cards that are being thrown at One Pair. The more cards consumed by the skill, the higher the damage. This will greatly increase One Pairís Damage.


[Duke] Skills:

Team Bolster:
A passive add-on skill to Shield All. This skill is for those who like to GvG. When you are in a party, anyone who reaches your Shield All range adds up additional DP Bonus to the caster (ex. 5 members are within range you gain 66% DP). This skill works well in conjunction with Siren Song, although coordination among team members plays a vital role.
Siren Song:
Cone-directed AoE; this skill relies on HP and DP. A good skill to cast after Impelling Rage. Although the direction of the AoE is really erratic, it packs quite a punch if you have the right equipment. I suggest you refine your defensive gear to its maximum to get the most out of this skill.
Sumo Suit:
A powerful defensive skill that decreases physical and magical damage dealt to the caster. This skill is HV-based but only minimal HV (301 HV) is required to achieve -50% reduction on magic and physical damage. Add this skill on your array of defensive skills and you have a tough nut to crack!
Deadly Funk:
An AoE version of Skunk Pouch. This skill targets the ground where the players are placed. The probability of getting hit by this skill is same as Skunk Pouch.

Optional Skills:
Volley Kick:
A Short Ranged Melee attack. Based on HV and AP. This skill may not be based on your current build and has no add-on skills to make it stronger. But whatís good about this skill is its low cooldown. You can strengthen its effect by equipping HV and AP gears, this skill can be useful on PvM situations when you need a spammable attack skill.

OneOfAKind 06-26-2011 03:54 AM

VI. Skill Breakdown:

[Teacher] Skills:

Learned at TM Level:
Skill Name:

Warm Up (Acquired)
Dodge Mastery (Mastered)
Mana Reflector (Mastered)
Shield All (Mastered)
Sturdy Shield (Mastered)
Skunk Pouch (Mastered)
Physical Training (Mastered)

[Card Master] Skills:

Learned at TM Level:
Skill Name:

Super Hips (Acquired)
Impelling Rage (Mastered)

[Gambler] Skills:

Learned at TM Level:
Skill Name:

Card Strike (Level 10)
One Pair (Mastered)
Power Charging (Mastered)
Full House (Mastered)
Lady Luck (Mastered)

[Duke] Skills:

Learned at TM Level:
Skill Name:

Team Bolster (Acquired)
Siren Song (Level 10 or Mastered)
Sumo Suit (Mastered)
Deadly Funk (Mastered)

Optional Skills for [Duke]:

Learned at TM Level:
Skill Name:

Volley Kick (Level 10 or Mastered)
Card Strike (Level 10)
One Pair (Level 10 or Mastered)
Lady Luck (Mastered)

OneOfAKind 06-26-2011 03:55 AM


OneOfAKind 06-26-2011 03:56 AM

-Reserved 2-

Recette 06-26-2011 11:21 AM

Very detailed and informative guide.

Revali 06-29-2011 06:12 AM

I like this.
This'll surely help out with my Coon'

nephilim12 07-05-2011 01:12 PM

nice guide...was thinking of making a hp coon...but still on dilemma which path to choose...could you give pros and cons of each with pure HP build?

+Rep :)

Pinofino 07-05-2011 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by nephilim12 (Post 1563577)
nice guide...was thinking of making a hp coon...but still on dilemma which path to choose...could you give pros and cons of each with pure HP build?

+Rep :)

yeah i've gotten really useful advice from Vith, in the end, i really think im going to make 2 coons, Duke and Gambler lawl

OneOfAKind 07-14-2011 03:55 AM


Originally Posted by nephilim12 (Post 1563577)
nice guide...was thinking of making a hp coon...but still on dilemma which path to choose...could you give pros and cons of each with pure HP build?

+Rep :)

well it depends on your playing style, if you like to tank and you have fun looking at the low damage being pointed at you, then choose duke, while if your a nuker and want to be the one to deal the damage then go gambler...

senza54 08-22-2011 03:19 AM

Tnx alot i will use this on my new coon (has few hv but the following lvls i will make it pure hp) :D

nephilim12 08-22-2011 04:23 AM

I hope you would consider placing an equipment section for funded and unfunded characters :)

GL finishing your guide !!

Raekuul 01-21-2012 08:26 PM

Interesting note: Looking at this just reconfirms my suspicions that a Full DP Raccoon would be very similar to a Full HP one as far as skill selections go.

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