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06-20-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default [YellowYoshi1]'s pure hp coon guide

YellowYoshi's Bloody Raccoon Guide (Pure HP)
Hello there. As some of you have most likely seen, I proposed the idea of an HP Raccoon many moons ago, and after lot's of great advice (thanks everyone) and some research, I decided to work on a guide.

This is my first guide, so please give me suggestions and help along the way.

This guide (WIP or Finished) is not to be taken or copied to any other site without my permission. If you wish to post my guide on your site you must credit me for it, after I have sent you my okay. Under no circumstances should you take credit for my guide.

If you wish to ask permission, PM me on these forums or e-mail me at .

Update History
(March 15th) Guide Posted! The Bloody Raccoon is born.

Guide Index

1) Introduction & Pros/Cons
2) Build Graphs
3) 1st Job - The Cool Teacher
4) 2nd Job - Blackjack Dealer
5) 3rd Job - High-Class Citizen
6) Skill Build Order & Optionals
7) Skill Comparisons, Pure HP vs. Others
8) Closing

Chapter 1: Introduction & Pros/Cons

I'm sure you may be wondering, what could possibly come from a build like this? The main inspiration for this build is a second job skill, Impelling Rage. Unlike most other skills of the Raccoon, which are based off of AP or HV, Impelling Rage is based completely on HP. This means that the more maximum HP you have, the more maximum damage that Impelling Rage can do.

That is what inspired this build. Raccoons that put all of their points into HP will have much more "beef" than the conventional raccoons. The increased HP will boost Impelling Rage into very high damages.

Let's make this a bit more visual:


+ Increased HP lets you take more damage as you level.
+ Impelling Rage is an AoE (Area of Effect) skill.
+ You are generally left with more skill points than other builds, making it customizable.
+ If you feel the need to be unique, this build will let you.


- No points in DP or HV will make you more vulnerable.
- The early levels will force you to use Galder Thrower. These levels can be frustrating.
- Potions, Potions, and more Potions. You will drink them like water, and you'll have to upgrade potions sooner than other Raccoons.
- Other skills will do poor damage. Skills like Card Strike and Full House won't live to their full potential.
- Impelling Rage is also based on distance, forcing you to keep monsters close for maximum damage. This will drain potions.

Through the sweat, blood, and tears you will triumph. Impelling Rage is far away, but well worth it.

This build is not for beginners or to be a first character.

Chapter 2: Build Graphs

This is always a major concern with any kind of character. How should my stat growths look? What's best? The many different kinds of builds have different styles, and you should consider that when picking one.

Although it should be obvious, I shall state it here for those that are unclear. For this build, every single bonus point should go into HP.



This is like a build for an AP Cat or Raccoon. This will let your AP and Accuracy grow to their best. This is also my build. The reason I recommend this build for a few reasons. First, Card Strike and One Pair *do* use AP for their formulas, as well as AC for their accuracy. Yes, our goal is Impelling Rage, but we don't want to throw galder until TM 100 do we? This build will assure that Card Strike can work to it's best for us. We want it to outdamage GT as soon as we can. You also need AC for Impelling Rage to hit, unless you have the money to compound for AC on your gear.


This is a good build for you if you worry about a weight limit. 4114 builds suffer most from their lack of weight to carry potions and loot. With this build, you'll be missing out on a little AP and AC for double the Weight, DA, and Luck. You will perform criticals a bit more with this build as well. This is a very good build to use.


This is where your AP and AC really start to fall. I really do not recommend it unless you are extremely worried about your weight limit or drilling abilities. AC may not seem like much in the beginning, but as monsters go up in level so do their HV. You do not want to be stuck missing and consuming more potions than you need to.


This build is for the extremists. Known as the "Critical" build, you will crit much more often than any other build. You will also have the drilling ability of a Lion, with the best DA available to you. This will make your early levels very difficult and frustrating, and you will miss way too much with a 1 in Power. I do not recommend this for anyone.

Each build has it's differences, but it's really up to your opinion and judgement what you want to go with. My recommendations are 4114 or 3142.

Chapter 3: 1st Job - The Cool Teacher

Congratulations, you have made it to Caballa Island. You have a brand new Raccoon and a whole set of skills. Wondering what you should get? I'll list the skills I recommend here.

Dodge Master (TM Req.: 10)
Learn: 1 TM Point
Master: 2 TM Points
Mastering Items: 2x Hula Octopus Card
Description: Increases HV by a fixed percent for set amount of time.

Formula: (Base HV + HV from Armor) * A

Level/MP/Cooldown/HV Increase (A)/

1 - 80MP - 10s - 1.11
2 - 100MP - 10s - 1.13
3 - 120MP - 10s - 1.16
4 - 140MP - 10s - 1.19
5 - 160MP - 10s - 1.22
6 - 180MP - 10s - 1.25
7 - 200MP - 10s - 1.28
8 - 220MP - 10s - 1.31
9 - 240MP - 10s - 1.34
10 - 260MP - 10s - 1.37
M - 300MP - 10s - 1.45
Note: I didn't see a duration of the skill, does anyone know?


Galder Throw (TM Req.: 20)
Learn: 2 TM Points
Master: 2 TM Points
Mastering Items: 2x Gold G Card
Description: Does fixed damage that bypasses defense and can't be blocked or evaded.

Formula: Fixed Damage

Level/MP/Cooldown/Damage/Critical Damage

1 - 20MP - 2s - 200 - 300
2 - 22MP - 2s - 250 - 375
3 - 24MP - 2s - 300 - 450
4 - 26MP - 2s - 350 - 525
5 - 28MP - 2s - 400 - 600
6 - 30MP - 2s - 450 - 675
7 - 32MP - 2s - 500 - 750
8 - 34MP - 2s - 550 - 825
9 - 36MP - 2s - 600 - 900
10 - 38MP - 2s - 650 - 975
M - 44MP - 2s - 800 - 1200


Sturdy Shield (TM Req.: 30)
Learn: 2 TM Points
Master: 2 TM Points
Mastering Items: 2x Turvy Card
Description: Increases DP by a fixed percent for a set duration.

Formula: DP + (DP X Increase %)


1 - 80MP - 10s - 10% - 40s
2 - 100MP - 10s - 12% - 44s
3 - 120MP - 10s - 14% - 48s
4 - 140MP - 10s - 16% - 52s
5 - 160MP - 10s - 18% - 56s
6 - 180MP - 10s - 20% - 60s
7 - 200MP - 10s - 22% - 64s
8 - 220MP - 10s - 24% - 68s
9 - 240MP - 10s - 26% - 72s
10 - 260MP - 10s - 28% - 76s
M - 300MP - 10s - 34% - 90s


Physical Training (TM Req.: 45)
Learn: 2 TM Points
Master: 2 TM Points
Mastering Items: 2x Mimic Card
Description: Passively increases maximum HP.

Formula: Fixed HP Increase

Level/HP Increase

1 - 500
2 - 600
3 - 710
4 - 830
5 - 960
6 - 1100
7 - 1250
8 - 1410
9 - 1580
10 - 1760
M - 2360

Chapter 4: 2nd Job - Blackjack Dealer

Finally Level 50 and TM Level 40 huh? Congratulations on your hard work. Now go get your new outfit and new set of skills. I won't detail how the job change works, if you need to know check out some of the other guides around on how to do it.

Now, we have some nifty new skills to learn, let's get down to the gritty shall we?


Card Strike (TM Req.: 41)
Learn: 2 TM Points
Master: 2 TM Points
Mastering Items: 2x Ironclad Turtle Card
Description: Throw an Empty Card to damage an enemy with a ranged attack.

Formula: (AP + HV x 8) x Mag. Ratio

Level/MP Cost/Cooldown/Special Card Increase/Mag. Ratio

1 - 100MP - 3.2s - 307% - 2.05
2 - 105MP - 3.2s - 315% - 2.10
3 - 110MP - 3.2s - 322% - 2.15
4 - 115MP - 3.2s - 330% - 2.20
5 - 120MP - 3.2s - 337% - 2.25
6 - 125MP - 3.2s - 345% - 2.30
7 - 130MP - 3.2s - 352% - 2.35
8 - 135MP - 3.2s - 360% - 2.40
9 - 140MP - 3.2s - 367% - 2.45
10 - 145MP - 3.2s - 375% - 2.50
M - 160MP - 3.2s - 397% - 2.65
Note: What's Special Card Increase? Can anyone enlighten me?


Super Hips (TM Req.: 55)
Learn: 5 TM Points
Description: Prevents critical hits from monsters 100 levels higher than you and lower. Dodge Master MUST be activated for this skill to take effect.

Formula: Character's Base Level +99


Bodyguard (TM Req.: 65)
Learn: 2 TM Points
Master: 3 TM Points
Mastering Items: 2x Black Fox Card
Description: Allows the caster to recieve a portion of part members' damage.

Formula: (No Idea)

Level/MP Cost/Guard Rate/Duration

1 - 70MP - 10% Drop in Damage - 20s
2 - 80MP - 14% Drop in Damage - 21s
3 - 90MP - 18% Drop in Damage - 22s
4 - 100MP - 22% Drop in Damage - 23s
5 - 110MP - 26% Drop in Damage - 24s
6 - 120MP - 30% Drop in Damage - 25s
7 - 130MP - 34% Drop in Damage - 26s
8 - 140MP - 38% Drop in Damage - 27s
9 - 1500MP - 42% Drop in Damage - 28s
10 - 160MP - 46% Drop in Damage - 29s
M - 190MP - 58% Drop in Damage - 32s


Impelling Rage (TM Req.: 100)
Learn: 4 TM Points
Master: 3 TM Points
Mastering Items: 8x Air Injector
Description: AoE skill that damages and pushes enemies around the caster. Damage is based on current HP and distance pushed away.

Formula: Pattern of HPx0.25/0.35/0.45/0.55...becomes 1.25/1.35/1.45 (what?)

Level/MP Cost/Cooldown/Pushing Distance/Mag. Ratio

1 - 180MP - 6s - 100 - 260%
2 - 195MP - 6s - 108 - 280%
3 - 210MP - 6s - 116 - 300%
4 - 225MP - 6s - 124 - 320%
5 - 240MP - 6s - 132 - 340%
6 - 255MP - 6s - 140 - 360%
7 - 270MP - 6s - 148 - 380%
8 - 285MP - 6s - 156 - 400%
9 - 300MP - 6s - 164 - 420%
10 - 315MP - 6s - 172 - 440%
M - 360MP - 6s - 196 - 500%

Chapter 5: 3rd Job - High-Class Citizen

Woo, it's been a long road hasn't it? You've been enjoying Impelling Rage I bet. Now is where the big boys and girls play. You're about to become 3rd Job. The biggest question about this is one decision: Pure or Hybrid? This is hard to answer with the small amount of skills available to a Gambler.

A Hybrid Raccoon, the Duke, is able to learn all of the skills of the 2nd Job cat, the Entertainer. The main problem with this is that we have been focusing on range and our AoE skill, Impelling Rage. Cats tend to be focused more on melee however, and I could see some clashing of builds. However there are two skills I see that could be useful to us.

First is Siren Song. This skill is an AoE skill that is based on Total DP and Current HP. This gives us something to use after Impelling, for any surviving monsters. However, the AoE of this skill tends to act very sporadically, sometimes not hitting enemies it should or even only hitting one enemy.

Second is Sumo Suit. This skill reduces all Physical and Magical damage by a set percent for a duration. Up until now, you've probably noticed how much magic can hurt, and this skill can ease that.

I will not post any skill builds here for now, until more info is revealed, but it is ultimately up to you what you want.

Chapter 6: Skill Build Order

There's an optimal order to building your skills, I'll post a general order for things up to 2nd Job. If you want to do another order, feel free, this is just the order of skills I'm going by and feel works well.

Galder Thrower (M)
Sturdy Shield (M)
Dodge Master (M)
Card Strike (10)
Super Hips (Acquire)
Bodyguard (M)
Physical Training (10)
Impelling Rage (M)

Optional Skills
There are some other skills I have not listed that you may want to get. I'll list a few optionals you may be able to work in to your build if you wish.

One Pair - This is an upgraded version of Card Strike. This throws 2 Empty Cards for an increased damage. If you feel you need another attack skill during delay of other things, feel free to get this.

Flux Capacitor - This skill takes a certain percentage of health and converts it to MP. This can help ease your weight if you carry too many blue potions, but it also chips away at your health. This skill is *not* to be used in the midst of battle, as it will only increase the damage your taking and make you die. This could possible be cheaper than the expensive MP potions, but I have yet to see it in action.

Chapter 7: Skill Comparisons, Pure HP vs. Others.

Here, I'll show the calculated damage of Impelling Rage between Pure HP Raccoons and Other Raccoons.

I will be using this simulator: ...

This will assume all of the Raccoons are Level 200 and with no gear on, for simplicity sake.

A Pure HP Raccoon at Level 200 will have 12,060 HP with no bonuses from gear. This does include Physical Training Level 10, because it is a prerquisite to Impelling Rage.

A normal Raccoon, without Physical Training, will have 6090 HP

Impelling Rage will always do the same damage regardless of the build graph, because it is solely based on HP.

Impelling Rage
At Maximum HP

Pure HP Raccoon: 3015 ~ 17487
Other Raccoon: 1522 ~ 8830

As you can see, a Pure HP Raccoon effectively doubles the damage of Impelling Rage versus other builds. They also have double the HP from their bonus points used.

Now i'll compare other skills that are essential to leveling before Impelling Rage. I'll compare Pure HP between build graphs. Again, these Raccoons are Level 20o.

All skills are Level 10.

Card Strike: 3014 damage
One Pair: 4824 damage

(With Dodge Master)
Card Strike: 3454 damage
One Pair: 5528 damage

Card Strike: 2514 damage.
One Pair 4024 damage

(With Dodge Master)
Card Strike: 2954 damage
One Pair: 4728 damage

Card Strike: 2014 damage.
One Pair: 3224 damage

(With Dodge Master)
Card Strike: 2454 damage
One Pair: 3928 damage

Card Strike: 1514 damage.
One Pair: 2424 damage

(With Dodge Master)
Card Strike: 1954 damage
One Pair: 3128 damage

As you can see, AP has a big influence over card damage. This is why I did not recommend builds with less power in them, it will slow your training speed immensely.

Chapter 8: Closing

Well, it's finally the end of this long guide. I hope this guide helped you decide on if an HP Raccoon was right for you. I hope some of you take up the challenge like I have. It's been fun teaching all of you. Be sure to look up the guide for updates in the future.

Please note that this belongs to YellowYoshi1 from MT
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Default Thanks Alot mAN

so this build explained alot to me about HP Charms plus i wanted to go Pure HP and become a duke. Can u post a 3rd job section skill build plz.Well Thanks Again.
07-16-2008   #3 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Mowarrior
so this build explained alot to me about HP Charms plus i wanted to go Pure HP and become a duke. Can u post a 3rd job section skill build plz.Well Thanks Again.
In the guide he said to get siren song, since it's based on dp/hp. Sumo suit, because it reduces damage up to 1/2.

The guide itself is good, but I think you should go ahead and give the pros and cons of being pure/ hybrid.
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Default Hrmmm

is Siren song and Sumo Suit the only real good skills that there are for a Duke?
07-17-2008   #5 (permalink)
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asaulter is an unknown quantity at this point

If you are full HP yes I think, but sumo suit makes a big diff. Team bolster helps too, especially to give a boost to siren song damage.
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A awesome and helpful guide. Just one thing. Do you mind putting up a section that says what to do about mature compounding equips? Or is HP the only objective there? Just wondering.

Also, these are my comments based on my HP coon so far:
> Yeah, it's true that you'll be spamming pots like crazy, but if you're in time for the christmas event then you're in luck because you end up with 100 potions that weigh nothing and heal 1000 hp.
> If you have a higher level character with a decent amount of money, you can use that to make up for any money issues with galder thrower. If not, always pick up galders or use your coupons. You just need to save some for quests.
> With Trickster now revamped, you don't get attacked out of nowhere in the lower levels making it a bit easier to actually survive.
That's all I have to say. I'm still working on my coon anyway. Great job on the guide~

Last edited by HirokoAzuri; 12-22-2010 at 08:17 AM.


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