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Queen 11-05-2011 05:15 PM

Kyzuumi's Gambler Guide
Kyzuumi's Gambler Guide!

Welcome to Kyzuumi's Guide for Gamblers! This will not be an in-depth guide but rather a guideline for all future gamblers and can act as an area to ask questions which can help further grow and augment the guide, especially since I do not have a gambler.

This is meant to be a very basic guide but it is up-to-date as of skills available in Season 2/DNA Update Trickster

Build Graphs & Stats

Stat Breakdown
  • Power - The power stats include AP, which increases your physical attack strength; AC, which boosts the chance of you landing a hit and also increases your critical attacks; and DX, which determines how fast you can melee based on how low it is.
  • Magic - Ignore these stats all together. The only important one is MD, which is your magical defense
  • Sense - Stats include WT, a very important stat as it determines how many potions you can carry and by extensive, how long you can survive; DA, which is a worthless stat to a Gambler; and LK, which determines how often you are blocked, you block a monster, and how often magic attacks miss. Being a Gambler, it also effects how often your Full House recoils on you.
  • Charm - HP, your health. Obviously, the more the better; DP, your defense, which lowers physical attacks; and HV, one of your most important stats. HV effects the efficiency of your Mana Reflector and more. It is also a damaging factor in your Card skills.

Build Graphs
  • 4114 - There's nothing wrong with this build, which is the "hit stuff real good build" You'll have good DX and AC and you'll hit like a truck with some elemental attribute. I'd only suggest 3AP/1WT for this build because you'll need your card skills eventually (namely, to boss), and it's not like AP doesn't effect those skills at all. To go 3HV/1WT will severely dampen your HV growth considering it takes 16 points to get one extra HV. Only getting 7 points per level will put your HV growth at one point every 3 levels or so.
  • 3124 - The average build, you can pretty much do anything with this one. Your DX will hit 0 at level 150ish, so it's perfectly feasible to do anything with this build and still use attribute. You could go pure AP, HP, or HV with this one.
  • 2134 - With the lower AP build stat, I'd only suggest pure HP or HV with this build. It'll come down to your preference, nothing to say about this one, really.
  • 1144 - If you can fund it, this is pretty much the gambler's build. High base LK for Full House, lots of room for cards to carry and pots for all those MP pots you're likely to burn through. If you can muster it, this is the build for you. I'd only ever go pure HP or HV with this build.

The Skill Build

I will merely give a general order to learn your skills, it's up to your descretion to Master at a proper rate, ex. don't master Dodge Master if you don't have the MP to use it.

Warm Up
Dodge Master M
Physical Training M
Card Strike 10 or Master
Super Hips (Passive)
Mana Reflector M
Sturdy Shield 10 or M
One Pair M
Skunk Pouch 10 or M
Impelling Rage 10 or M
Power Charging M
Full House M

Lady Luck M

My reasoning above is that you'll want some extra buffs for the trials, so you learn sturdy shield and reflector. It's better to learn One Pair before IR because it's probably going to be a while before IR becomes useful, and it's more of a pre-requisite for Power Charging anyway.

Everything in italics is a judgment call based on how you judge your own gear.

When it comes to Power Charging and Full House you can get whichever one you want first depending on which you want more and how much TM you have to spare, just remember that Full House has a higher TM level requirement.

Again you may want Lady Luck before Power Charging, at that point when you're TM gets that high it's more based on your own preferences.

PC and FH are both AoEs and if you have under 30k HP you should invest in Full House.


Work from here on mastering your buffs (shield all). If you plan on funding a guardian you won't need any debuffs really.

Et cetera

Guide was written by Jitara at ggFTW MMORPG Community It is her original copy and she'd like it to stay here :py60:

I am in no way affiliated with SGI, I am merely a player helping other players.

Guide Version 1.0 - November 5, 2011 (Posted)

As a note, feel free to contribute Gambler players, this guide is also to serve as a composite up-to-date guide/thread for new players who only have dated guides to well, guide them.

Queen 11-05-2011 11:34 PM

e I'll claim a post just in case I ever decide to go more in depth.

Sakurah 11-06-2011 12:48 AM

Just saw this now, Kyz. :D

I currently have a 2134 pure HV Gambler, although lv190 (as of this writing). I would say this build helps with melee, although without decent equips, DX and AC will suck. And of course, the recoil damage from Full House will probably hurt a bit more then, say a 1144. I kinda want to think of this build as 'for those who want to somewhat hit like a melee for grinding, but still want some LK and WT'. Of course, that's just my opinion and may differ from anyone else's. I should also note that this particular coon is my first (the second one I'm playing as is 3124 pure HP hybrid).

And as far as skills go, I honestly think that's what I followed with the exception of getting Power Charging after mastering Full House. I can agree with getting Power Charging after mastering Lady Luck, maybe unless you're playing a coon that is pure HP and/or has hax HP equips.

That's my wisdom from a PvM Coon with a build that I don't see very often, much less being pure HV anymore.

TL;DR: Nice starting guide so far. :D

EDIT: I'mma go ahead and update this comment since Kyz is kind enough to link this out.

Starting from lv210, I started putting HP into I3reakd0wn and upon upgrading my equips to Roan 210 equips, I comped mainly HP/HV and tried to reduce my AP and increase my HP. I also rely on three weapons: an HV comped weapon (my main one), a elemental comped weapon with HV (balance), and a elemental comped weapon with just Power stats (melee).

The results? Farts are stronger, FH still hurts (5k-6k per recoil tho, ouch), OP mostly OH-KOs and Breaky is still sexy. 8D By this point, you should be MORE then a match for the likes of Blood, Tenter and even Odinea. Then again, I also use a MS WT pouch and tempered the hell out of it for decent HV and WT. But even without something like that, you should still be able to tackle the bosses I mentioned.

Queen 11-06-2011 05:44 AM

I listed Power Charging last because I figure most "new" players won't have a lot of HP to fund it, then again they likely won't have the LK for full house but HV is a multiplier in the success formula at least.

I should go and make a PC build first and a FL/LL build, I put LL so far being because it has the highest or is tied for the highest TM requirement for raccoons. I didn't actually bother calculating the TM because it's more of a skill build that gamblers needed and updated build graph suggestions.

Feedback from someone who's played a gambler helps a lot though, I'll add your post to the guide.

And like I said, I want this to end up sort of like being a gambler compendium that everyone can kind of poke at and add a little, seeing as I've never played a Gambler. At least I've played a Diva, so it's like minus the prima-y skills and add raccoon 3rd xD

Sakurah 11-06-2011 06:39 AM

lol Thank you. XD

I just thought of something this morning right when I got on. "What about Flux Capacitor"? As of now to me, that's the reason I don't carry MP pots. :O I think I learned that skill after mastering Lady Luck. As far as the advice about it, I would wait til after Lady Luck to learn it, but that's just me. XD

Ladynoosy 11-09-2011 12:38 PM

good Guide :py48:

nemodoll 01-03-2012 06:08 AM

thanks for guide :)

Rancake 02-21-2012 08:19 PM

So I'm currently at level 43, 3124 full HV. I was planning on getting meta, but I've heard some mixed reviews about it? Well it made me doubtful and I've been looking at getting card throwing skills instead, but then it seems that it would be better if I had went full AP instead as AP is more beneficial for card moves.

Anyway, I'm kind of confused and hoping that someone may clear this up for me.

Queen 02-22-2012 06:23 AM


Originally Posted by Rancake (Post 1682350)
So I'm currently at level 43, 3124 full HV. I was planning on getting meta, but I've heard some mixed reviews about it? Well it made me doubtful and I've been looking at getting card throwing skills instead, but then it seems that it would be better if I had went full AP instead as AP is more beneficial for card moves.

Anyway, I'm kind of confused and hoping that someone may clear this up for me.

You're fine. I'm pure HV and card skills are great. I can hit 100k damage crits on non-resistant mobs (torrobies)

(Mostly to show that my OP does fine damage on things my level)

It's a really common misconception that only "Pure APs" can do well with cards. It's a marginal AP increase from pure AP and honestly gamblers should only be HP or HV these days. HV increases FH damage without increasing the recoil and you're always better off stacking something that increases dodge as it's multi-functional. To get the most out of your raccoon you either want to be very FH-spammable (High HV) or FH+PC-spammable (HV and HP).

I've seen a lot of AP coons kill themselves in Fiesta because they just pumped AP and their base is now too high and they don't have the HV to survive themselves. I have no AP gear compounded, it's just the bases and my weapon.

Valese 02-22-2012 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by Jitara (Post 1682565)

I've watched your video soloing the 72nd fl. boss in 1 gave me new hope for my cat q_q I've learned something new today, thank you Kyzu! .....Need to learn Shield Breaker on my Guardian and see if it works 8D

Rancake 02-22-2012 06:43 PM

That's good to hear! Thank you!

hopez0r 05-14-2012 01:56 PM

I've a gambler pure HV 4114, I would like to know if I should put HP in my equips or go for HV, what is better for PvP/GvG?

Queen 05-14-2012 02:04 PM

I'm not sure about GvG, but I know a lot of Gambler's go full-on meat suit and stack HP. Personally, I'd stack HP after you got enough HV for Full House OHKO's, assuming you're still grinding. If you're not and looking for JUST PvP info, I don't know the balance to look for.

I'm really not well versed in PvP, but I'll say go for mostly HP until someone who has more experience can answer you.

Recette 05-14-2012 02:14 PM

You should comp for HP, HV is nerfed at GvG and if a skill lands you and you do not have the HP to absorb the damage you will die pretty fast.

StarZap 05-28-2012 11:36 AM

So like Rancake asked, should gamblers get meta? Or should we just stick with full house and power charging :p

P.s Im a lvl 150 racoon so im curious about meta ^^

Sakurah 05-28-2012 12:39 PM

Meta... is a bit of a weaksauce transformation compared to the Cat's Evolution. When transformed, HV goes up but AP goes down.

I'd recommend sticking to Full House and Power Charging, as those two beats the crap out of Meta.

Should note, I only got Meta for the lulz after getting FH and PC.

Queen 05-28-2012 12:42 PM

I suggest Full House if you have fairly low HP, as getting PC might feel really lackluster if you don't have the HP to back it up.

If you have the HP to utilize PC, I suggest getting well, whichever you want.

Queen 06-30-2012 08:17 AM

Bringing up for new people to see up-to-date guides.

InfernalGuy 07-10-2012 08:18 AM

Hi, I want to ask: can a racoon do well without getting IR and PC at all? I think about being "metamorphosed card and galder thrower" racoon :D
I personally like the galder trowing skills, especially DP/resist ignoring part. And I am 1144 pure HV.

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