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Default Maria Santucci

RP: (No) More Rum!

Name: Maria Santucci
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Corsican)
Occupation: Look-out, Isle de Tortuga crew
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Light brown (honey brown)
Hair: Black, shoulder-length
Notes: Left-handed.

Appearance: A tanned, slim young woman with average proportions. Her wild black hair is always tied off somewhere on her head, though the location of the tie varies from day to day. She wears a loose white shirt, a brown leather vest, and black cloth pants which are cut off (literally cut, fringes and whatnot) several inches above the knee. She never wears shoes.

Personality/Character: Maria is very childish, and has a good sense of humor. Though she is the look-out, she actually spends very little time in the crows nest, instead preferring to wander the deck, bothering the various members of the crew. However, by no means is she bad at her job. Her good eyesight lets her spot land or enemy ships long before anyone else, even without being in the crow's nest. Her sense of smell has her wandering into the kitchen several times a day as well, to satiate her seemingly endless appetite.

History: Maria was formerly a feral child. Seemingly abandoned by her biological parents, she was raised by wild Corsican foxes until the age of 5, when she was found by her now-adoptive father, Don Santucci. She quickly adapted back into the human way of life, as well as her father's "well-to-do" ways, but occasionally her wild side still shows.

Because of her early life as a feral child, she knows how to fend for herself in the wilderness very well. Also, thanks to living among the foxes, her senses of sight, smell, and hearing have been enhanced beyond that of most humans.

She has become a pirate in the Isle de Tortuga crew, but her father doesn't know. All he is aware of is that she has left on an extended trip, and has no decided return date.

Special Abilities: Enhanced senses of sight, smell, and hearing. Speaks Spanish, Italian, French, English, and Corsu.

Equipment: Maria carries a flintlock pistol made by the Italian gunsmith Luca Zugno, which was made for her personally by the request of her father.

Aside from that she carries a Jambiya dagger, which she stole from "some Muslim." Both weapons are strapped to her left hip.

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