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Default Zachary Glykeria

RP: Rumble of the Dies Irae

Name: Zachary "Zachy" Glykeria
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Occupation: Candymaker <3

Appearance: Short for his age with strawberry blonde hair, emerald green eyes and a few freckles. He looks so adorable that you want to just run up and hug him for no explainable reason. Usually dressed in shorts and a loose, brightly colored tunic.

Personality/Character: A bright and happy little boy, Zachy is as sweet as the candy he makes. He knows he's cute and uses it to sell his candy to people, knowing that most of them just can't say no.

History: A century or so ago, a revolutionary alchemist decided to add sugar to his potions and elixers in order to make them more palatable to children. Somewhere along the way, a sorcerer married into the family and they began making spell potions in the form of confections. Zachary was born to this family, the prolific Glykeria, founders of the art of sugar alchemy. However, as the youngest child, he had no chance of ever taking over the family business as his eldest sister beat him to it by about 10 years. Determined to make use of his unique skills, he sets out to learn more about sugar alchemy and the world, and tries to make his own creations without having to rely on old recipies. His own creations usually tend to be on the gummy side though.

Due to the nature of his trade, Zachy is very good at making normal candy and confection too, but he's uaully bored with that. Because his family instilled in him that he should always make normal things to practice his skills, he makes candy as a side job, but always adds an extra kick to his sweets.

Special Abilities:

Sugar Alchemy: Zachary was born into a family of Sugar Alchemists. He has the ability to combine seemingly innocuous ingredients into powerful magic...or he would if he were better at it. He's not bad at it, but he could stand to learn more. So far, he has the following recipes:

Star drops:

Little tiny colorful stars in various flavors. After eating them, one can release tiny sparks that are good as a distraction, but do little damage. Really fun to use as little fireworks though.

Ivy Licorice:

Lets the eater use plant magic to make vines grow at a rapid rate. Great for snares and traps, but you have to eat a lot of them.


Hot tasting cinammon flavored candies that let the eater use fire magic and launch fireballs. Careful eating them though!

Ice sticks:

Small sugar pops that grant the eater ice magic. Cold to the touch but refreshing.


Zachy's own creation, Hoppers are gummy, frog shapped candies that let the eater jump higher and farther.

Mana Drops:

Helps restore magic energy faster. Too many causes headaches though.

Smile Gum:

Helps to restore your health as you chew it.

Shield stars:

A small cookie that grants barrier magic for a short time after eating.

Galaxy Bars:

They're chocolate. You eat them. They taste good. They do very little other than give a slightly happy-giddy feeling.


A utility belt filled with little pouches and bottles of candy, each with a different purpose.

Star drops: Near unlimited supply
Ivy Licorice: about 5 ropes of them (the ropes are pretty long D: )
Fireballs: carries at most 5, because he hates how they taste. Eating too many will burn your mouth anyway.
Ice sticks: 3 sticks
Hoppers: 7
Mana Drops: A small bagful of them.
Smile Gum: 6
Shield stars: 3
Galaxy Bars: A ton. He sells these door to door when he needs cash for components, since few people are willing to buy magic candy from a kid.

Candy he carries that he doesn't make:
Kurona Fruit drops:

Candy that grants the user wind magic. These are standard fare for candy alchemists, but Zachy could never get the hang of making them. Carries about 10 of them, but can't make more.


Small candies that wake up an unconcious person. Does no healing, and can even do damage if you eat too many. Might make you jittery and cranky. Carries 5 of them.


A super deluxe candy made by his sister, allows subtle gravity manipulation, including the ability to make oneself crash down heavily on something, or even make them float. Only carries one for emergencies.
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