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Default Galerion Richards

RP: Space Station Oasis (temporary name)

Name: Galerion Richards
Age: 23
Gender: M
Occupation: Police Officer
Eyes: Steel Hazel
Hair: Brown

Appearance: Galerion is of medium height and trim build, having a short, professional haircut befitting of his profession.

Personality/Character: Galerion acts very laid-back in general, but is fiercely protective of his citizenry, and will not tolerate anything that threatens them, be it unscrupulous merchants or mindless zombies! He doesn't use a sidearm but prefers using a tonfa or martial arts to subdue lawbreakers or brain munchers. He prefers non-violence to said measures however, as sometimes a calm chat, perhaps with implied violence, can be so much more peaceful.

Backstory: A brat in his younger years, he pulls a lot of his violent youth into play as a police officer, although being more mature than in those days he uses what he learned to catch offenders rather than to be one. He has an aversion to guns stemming from a shock in his younger years that he can no longer remember, but it still affects him nonetheless. Galerion prefers to wander around the station chatting with other denizens to doing paperwork and events that may cause it.
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