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Default Qay Jacks

RP: Space Station Oasis (temporary name)

Name:Qay (pronounced "kay") Jacks
Eyes:Amber w/yellow 'veins'

Always tan, dark skin from being a mutt (a mix of European, American, Chinese and Filipino), but a European facial structure, long, brown, scruffy hair (4"), never combed or brushed, but always laying flat, he is often seen with a bandanna on his head to keep his hair out of his face (usually a red paisley one). The yellow 'veins' in his eyes are a result of a certain syndrome acquired from wearing faulty suits in space, causing constant pressure irregularities. The syndrome also causes various kinds of brain, liver and kidney damage, so Qay thinks he got of light. Well, maybe, he hasn't had a doctor check it out, but he feels fine! He usually wears grey short sleeve Ts or tank tops and khaki pants or blue jeans. He is always clean shaven (or can't grow facial hair) and always has a smile and a joke for everyone.

Always optimistic, but that's partially since he can't see the bad side of things. He is chipper and friendly to everyone, but can be a bit annoying when you want to be alone since he doesn't know when to back off, alot of times even when he's told directly. He likes games, especially games of chance, but he can get into games of skill pretty deeply too. He's always got a deck of cards on him, and knows card games from several different planets. He doesn't usually flirt, preferring to just be friendly, but he definitely isn't opposed to it. Qay is good to have on a "rainy day" when you need cheering up, but not on a quiet day when you want to read.

Qay used to work on interstellars off a nearby planet, patching them up before they shot off again, but he also gambled alot, and built up alot of debt. Since mechanics don't make alot of money he decided that it was time for healthy living in the boonies. Clean water, freshly grown food, and no Johnny the Shark with his little friend the butterfly knife, good for his health all around! However, he is trying to do the right thing, and all of his wages he earns here are going to his friend Jimmy to give to his friend Luise, who gives it to his momma, who gives it to Janey to give to Johnny the Shark and his little friend the butterfly knife. Well, all but a little bit, just the ante.
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