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Default Elly

RP: Burning Steel and Blood

Name: Elly
Age: 1000+ (looks 20)
Gender: Female
Race: Demon/human
Height: 5"7
Weight: 154lbs (109lbs without armor)
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Brown, has hair led down to her waist. Her hair led by sideburns fall to her cheek.

Notes: She has about a thousand years of battle experience. She also obtained the title of "Elly Whitehand" while in Asgard.She got this title for being able to punch without recoil. She was stripped of any other name while entering Asgard. She also lost her title after being ejected from Asgard.

Appearance: She looks as if she hasn't aged from her visit to Asgard, but her hair has grown. Once she was ejected, her clothing was switched with her churchgoing clothing, miko attire.

She likes to have layers.
Her top part of her white gi cuts off at the shoulders. At the cut, there are two layers of red. The darker layer at the cut. There is a short sleeve connected to the main gi with the symbol of the valkyries.

She also has two sleeves below that main gi. These sleeves reach about above her knees. At the end of the first sleeve, there is a shade of red at the cut. The second sleeve has a shade of green.

Her red belt is knotted just below her chest.The rest of the fabric is split, with red and green colors along the ends of the fabric. Her dress reaches up to her belt. She has two layers to her red dress, both the shape of a square, to create the ridges at the bottom of her dress.

She also wears socks with geta sandals.

Personality/Character: She is a very critical, logical person. Though, she is willing to fight for the right cause. She isn't very angry, but she has a lasting hatred of the valkyries.
She has become a more social person, willing to talk to anyone to pass time. She is very friendly.

History: She has been training along with the valkyries in Asgard for a thousand years. She is a demon, however. This caused much disturbance with the valkyrie society, especially considering that a high ranking official wanted her in.

There are a couple reasons reasons why she was able to stay in for as long as she did. The bonded ties with a high ranked official was a minor part. The deal-breaker was the fact that she was reborn as a half demon, half human. She also has been purified and exorcised countless times, weakening her magic.

However, she was on very strict terms with the valkyries. After getting in an aggravated assault on a trickster valkyrie, that sent her back to Utgard.

Special Abilities and Magic: She is very gifted with hand-to-hand combat. She is skilled at using any part of her body for combat without recoil.

She can call out magic if she has burned enough energy in battle.
Low energy: She can call out homing magic.
Mid-low energy: She will be able to endow her armor wit electricity/light.
Medium energy: She will have the ability to manipulate gravity for herself
Mid-high energy: She can call out a stronger version of homing magic
High energy: She can call out a shockwave to knock away foes. She will have her fatigue relieved, making her energy burned fall back to zero.

Equipment: Miko uniform of the valkyries (weaponless)

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