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Default Adelain

RP: Between Wings and Dreams




Race: Moogle

Occupation: Clan Centurio Member

Height: 3"5 (?)

Eyes: Dark Brown


(Fugly quick art by me)

Adelain is a very calculative moogle. He is often deep with in his thoughts, but he does not excuse himself from a conversation. He's very serious compared to his fellow moogles, and does not take his duties lightly. Even though he seems to be quite solem, he is actually a huge worrywart and is constantly concerned about the welfare of others, especially Russet. Adelain is usually the one apologizing for Russet's behavior.

Adelain grew up in Rabanastre working in the local weapon shop and also as a former member of Clan Centurio, until the Valiquettes' recognized his talent while visiting the shop and offered him a position back in Archades. Adelain worked with the family ever since Russet was a child. In light of recent events, he has decided to return to Rabanastre to reunite with his Clan Centurion brethren and to provide research for the Valiquettes while on his hunt....Much to his dismay, Russet is coming along as well.

Special Abilities:

•Proficient in Black magick
•White magick
•low level arcane magick


•Magick Staff
•Mostly leather and cloth armor
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