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Guild: Titans/ggFTW
Default Leila

RP: Between Wings and Dreams

Name: Leila (lay-lah)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Hume
Occupation: Clan Centurio/Magicks Valedictorian
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 126 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark purple
Notes: Current Gil Bank: 53,400 Gil. With Leila: 10,000

Strengths: Chain-casting/spam (Consecutive casting). With regular staves, it is unlimited for up to 2nd-tiers, half-limited for 3rd/4th-tiers, limited for 5th tiers, no effect at 6+
Staff of the Magi effect - Instant cast for up to 2nd-tiers, Chain casting unlimited for 3rd/4th tiers, half-limited for the 5th tiers, limited for the 6ths+ (Curaja, Shock, Scourge, etc.)

For #-tier knowledge, check
Black Magicks
White Magicks
Green Magicks

*During battles, she has a habit of chanting incantations before a black magick spell activates. This just adds to her joy and fun of the battle. If it annoys her allies then she stops.

Incantations for spells (for the lulz and copy-paste when used). They are numbered according to tier, for those lazy to check the magicks tier pages:

Black Magicks

When Haste is casted on her, all she will say is "Blahblahblah".

White Magicks:

Green Magicks:

Weaknesses: Close combat. 5th+ tier spell charging will leave her vulnerable. Has low endurance against physical attacks.

Appearance: Tan skin, with a normal 16-year old body. No headwear covers her long purple hair, down to her shoulders, and half way on the hair it is tied with a black band to become a ponytail. She wears aqua-colored cloth top, which stops above her belly. The sleeves with a dark blue-knitted silk stop as a T-Shirt would. Above her chest is where the cloth is cut off in a crescent shape, exposing some of the chest area but just enough to hide her small-average cleavage. She has a sort of a blue, light-armor short pants that stops above her knees, but then are covered with a loose aqua skirt that extends slightly longer than the armor. A black belt tightens the top of the skirt around the waist. She wears blue battle boots with white socks stop at the ankle. A black-colored sheathe is gripped by a belt that is tightened on her right shoulder, to carry her weapon.

In Paramina Rift: Same description, only she also wears comfortable, warm, blue leather leggings coming out from under the skirt that goes down to the ankle area. A long sleeve top is under all of the top armor, covering the bare arms and the stomach area left open.

*might draw on my free time*

Personality/Character: Calm and serene to normally a clan member with or without bliss, unless she is in combat, she fights fiercely with her all, and takes in the joy of the battle, unless the situation is life-or-death threatening. She takes in mind what to say and what not to depending on her situation, but if her mood is unusual, she would face possible consequences of the conversation. Leila can take in jokes, but serious life-threatening jokers makes her just want to punch them. She loves all kinds of people, but bawdy, aggressive, idiotic, flirty types ticks her off. Ignorance is surely not a bliss for her, but depending on who it is, she can deal with it. When she meets poor, needy people, she gladly gives up some of her money, due to generosity. This only occurs if she has more money than usual or feels the person desperately needs gil.

History: Born under intelligent, wealthy parents, she lives in one of those hidden, rich homes in Rabanastre. However, since her parents are also great magicians, they are often sent out for monster hunting or stay at the other cities due to business, so she is alone often. They left spell books for her so she could learn to be a great magick user as well. Therefore, in the case of possibly bumping into each other on monster hunting, she joins Clan Centurio after being an excelled girl with high magicks. She has also made a few friends in the clan, so she is not lonely every day.

She lives great alone, because of the money her parents left her. Separating life-needs money from self-wants, she tries to save up money her parents send her and from clan rewards to buy the expensive Staff of the Magi (for 250,000 gil) that one of her pro clan members found.

Special Abilities: Black, White, Green magicks. See spoiler lists above.
Equipment: Staff of the Magi for mainly. Can switch to Flame Staff or to Glacial Staff (only when at base)

Quickening: Elemental Wrath
Summon the 8 elements and obliterate all enemies. (Deals non-elemental damage, yes, even though it uses elements)
Activation: Only when party members are in danger.
After effect: Fainting

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