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Default Alexander Graham/Agnesia Rhesarium

Name: Alexander Graham
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown

Appearance: Generally dresses in formal attires, but nothing too formal. Usually wears dress shirts and trousers. Dress shirts are white, while trousers are light brown. Has a very small fauxhawk.

Personality/Character: Maintains a half serious attitude. Likes puzzles, functionality, and practicality. Not fond of overly optimistic people, or happy go lucky people. Thinks very logically. He's physically weaker and slower than other normal people and is fatigued faster due to Agnesia leeching energy from him. Usually his name is shorted to Alex.

History: His family is wealthy, but not wealthy enough to stop thinking about money completely. Everyone in his family is quite happy with their lives, and usually in a good mood due to their wealth. He has no brothers or sisters, lives in a nice spacious house. Unbeknownst to him, when he was 11, Agnesia Rhesarium, a demon, bound her soul to him and lived in him from then on.

Special Abilities: Has a demon in him.


Name: Agnesia Rhesarium
Age: 832
Gender: Female
Race: Demon, Lilin
Hair: Red (Literally.)

Appearance: More or less looks just like a female human in her early 20's. Long red hair, D cup, and very attractive. She has a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans that she wears.

Personality/Character: She is mischievous and playful, always looking for amusement. Shows a decent amount of respect and care for her host Alexander.

History: A daughter of Lilith, she acted the same throughout her whole life, just looking for fun and entertainment. Her race requires energy from males, and hence have very attractive bodies, similar to succubus. During one of her pranks in the more modern age, she was found and chased, shot a few times, and brought to critical conditions. Unable to recovery from the wounds and survive, she binded her soul to the first person she saw, and that was Alexander.

Special Abilities: Can absorb energy from male humans. She can manipulate light, and only existing light in her immediate area. While dormant in Alexander, she can see exactly what he sees, and while she is dominant, Alexander is in a state identical to sleeping. She can only gain control of the body when Alexander is sleeping, absent minded, or weak mentally. From there on, she retains control until she feels like returning control to Alexander, or when 48 hours are up.

When control is switched, their appearance instantly changes. If either Alexander or Agnesia dies, both of them die. They also share the same wounds, as they are sharing a body. Agnesia does not age, does not require sleep or nourishment aside from the energy drained from human males, and has the physical capabilities of a human body builder.

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