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IGN: Nihiru
Default Nihiru Honitsu

RP: From Reality to Phantasmagoria

Name: Nihiru Honitsu
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Demon, Mammon, the Christian deity of Greed
Occupation: Student, gambling ringleader
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black/yellow
Notes: Does not have a real "demonic" form, traits are that of any human except in areas of expertise.

Appearance: She has unkempt, neck-length black hair except for the splatters of yellow focused on the right side. Her eyes are constantly in a lazy, unamused gaze, which are grazed slightly by her bangs. Her skin is slightly more pale than most, but it's nothing of an outstanding feature. The same can be said about her bust.

For the most part, her uniform is standard. She keeps the blazer unbuttoned most of the time because it's "suffocating." In favor of more comfort and freedom, Nihiru wears the navy blue knee-highs and black tennis shoes.

Personality/Character: As opposed to her facial features, Nihiru tends to be a very active fire starter. As the ringleader of her own gambling parlor, she has the habit of constantly cajoling and harassing people into her plans. She finds much fun in psychologically tormenting people and likes to think of information as a weapon to help her do so. As a religious personification of Greed, Nihiru loves material possessions, the ironic fact being she spends the majority of her money on such useless and expensive objects that she is constantly out of money before the day ends. Tends to speak in a rather slurred fashion with a very sharp tongue.

History: The Christian personification and deity of one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Greed, Nihiru represents the demon Mammon in human form. Unfortunately a very boring representation, as outside of specializing in gambling, pulling the strings of a plan, having telekinetic control over gambling objects, and being a little more durable than humes, Nihiru is about as human as the rest of the world.

She keeps her identity as the demon Mammon a secret to everyone and attends normal human activities such as going to school. With the new burst of popularity in a cellphone game called "Conquest of Vireans," Nihiru attempts to exploit the game as a means of additional profit.

Special Abilities: Nihiru knows just about every single gambling trick in the books and on the streets. She also has amazingly good luck and skills, at least in games. With many generations of those that personified Greed behind her, Nihiru has a large base to mess peoples' minds with. She also exemplifies a telekinetic ability, but only over gambling objects such as poker chips, mahjong tiles, playing cards, the likes.

Equipment: Has a standard briefcase which contain the majority of her belongings; multiple playing cards, chips, mahjong equipment, a laptop with all her bookie information, and a few notebooks to cover it from school faculty eyes. She carries a typical flip phone in her right pocket.

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