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Default Nathaniel Giovanni

RP: Persona RP

Name: Nathaniel Bosch Giovanni

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student/ Assistant CEO


Year: Junior

Appearance: Nathaniel stands at an average height of 5í10, possessing a slim yet somewhat well built frame. He keeps his jet-black hair short and well combed, a few bangs here and there swaying in the wind and falling just above his eyes. Sharp facial features and his dark brown eyes form his expression into a perpetual glare, a look that most people find unsettling, if not a little interesting. A pair of thin, dark oval frames adorns the studentís face at almost all times.

Nathaniel prefers to dress smart, opting for a business suit and tie in both the classroom and the office. In the rare opportunity that he gets time off however, he may be seen in an array of collared shirts worn with a vest, jeans and leather shoes.

Personality: Cold and calculating: Two words that perfectly describe Nathaniel. Given a situation, Nathaniel will almost always rely on cold hard logic to get the job done. He appears to care little for personal involvement in matters that do not require it, and many of his colleagues remark that he lacks emotion. However, this same attitude has garnered him respect in both the academic and business fields, earning him a diverse array of positions in several school clubs in Altisa University.

While his inter-personal relations outside business could be considered lacking, Nathaniel is not without friends, and does know how to have a good time. However, these friends and opportunities are few and far between, though a smile has been known to cross his expression every now and then.

Weapon of choice: A senior member of the archery club, and holder of several awards from various competitions, it is no surprise that Nathanielís weapon of choice is the bow and arrow. Nathaniel is quite capable of hitting a targetís center from several yards away, both directly and from an arc.

In a combat situation, Nathaniel prefers to keep his distance, picking off his targets one by one. Should he be engaged in close quarters however, he is still capable of firing and disabling at point blank range, a feat that most archers tend to forget.

Backstory: Born unto a rich family in Italy, Nathaniel had a mostly normal childhood, coming under the care of an American father and an Italian mother. Events however soon led to the separation of the couple, with Nathaniel being forced to stay in America, where he was studying at the time.

Relations with his father gradually and eventually worsened, to the point where he almost despised him. Nathaniel despised not being able to visit his mother, soon developing the cold and indifferent attitude that he presently has, not only towards his father but to almost everyone else. Still, he accepted the position of assistant CEO in his fatherís company, with all intents of finally overthrowing him from his position when the time comes.

Nathaniel transferred into Altisa University during his sophomore year, less than a year before the mysterious suicides began to happen. A newly opened branch of his familiesí pharmaceutical company was the reason for his transfer, yet these days it seems that Nathaniel has several other motives for remaining in IrvingÖ
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Persona: Gawain

Arcana: Heirophant

Description: When summoned, Gawain takes the form of a tall, almost robotic knight, outfitted in a suit of dark green armor. The knight grasps a large broadsword in his right hand, while a crossbow is set in place of his left hand. A full helmet covers the knightís head, his face covered in shadows save for two glowing red orbs visible through the visor.

Nathaniel generally does not talk about how he came about awakening his persona, and he intends for it to stay that way. It is known however, that Nathaniel has been in the Velvet Roomís listing for almost a year now.

Element: Garu

Known skills:

Kill Rush


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