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Default Erhu

RP: The Goddess That Turned Into Stone

Name: Erhu
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Traveling Minstrel
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 140 lb
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde

Appearance: Erhu generally wears a tri-color robe that is predominantly shades of blue. His blonde hair is somewhat scruffy without looking unkempt or unclean.

Personality/Character: Outside of his Minstrel upbringing, Erhu has the completely WRONG personality for the art. He is quiet, and prefers actions to words. He is generally quite a powerful ice mage, however, and so when his words won't suffice he always has a fallback. When Erhu does find a use for his Minstrel skills (either through the use of his magic music or the encyclopedic knowledge [mostly of trivia and legends] attributed to his Minstrel training) it is as if he changes completely, getting a somewhat crazed look in his eye and proceeding to ignore anyone or anything to get his information across.

History: Erhu has stayed mostly in Tir Chonail and Dunbarton, assisting adventurers with dungeon expeditions and the occasional imparting of the lore surrounding the dungeons and the fomors. When he's not traveling through dungeons, he can be found playing for tips in the city square.

Special Abilities: r1 Icebolt, r5 Ice Spear, r9 Composing, r6 Magic Mastery, rB Meditation, r9 Music Theory, r9 Playing Instrument

Equipment: An Ice Wand, his tri-color robe with basic clothing underneath, a Lute.
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