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Guild: Frenchbread
Default Ahrima Mistrus

Name: Ahrima Mistrus
Age: 18
Guild member rank: C
Height: 4'11
Weight: 103 pounds.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long black hair

Appearance: Ahrima was a book seller so she wore formal yet nice clothes. She had long black hair that reaches past her shoulder blades and usually just lets it hang. She has a simple yet beautiful face. Since leaving the guild she has been wearing whatever she could find. Usually a pair of easy to move in pants and a coat she found a while back.

Personality: Very shy but also can get very angry when she thinks someone is after one of her books. She has learned to talk more but is still very shy and rather be unseen. Timid seeming but she is very strong.

History: Ahrima's parents were farmers and since she was in a small family she had to work as a farmer as well. She hated it and would go off and read whenever possible. She only had one book but she always would read it. When she turned 15 it was time for her to look for work and she decided to become a book seller as a way to be around her favorite things in life, books. At some point Olifen started to visit her shop. At first she was scared of him and always figured he would try and rob her. One day she tried to talk to him and he started to talk back. They both shared a love of reading and Ahrima soon started to fall in love with Olifen. She believes that Larietta likes Olifen since they always do missions together but she only thinks this since she does not understand how the guild mission system works. Left with Olifen to the mountains.

Special abilties: Ahrima, since she has read many books, knows many different combat styles. She used to have very good enhance magic but since she needed to learn something more affective for the mountains, she learn earth magic. She still has some enhance ability left but not much. Like using earth to strengthen self.

Equipment: Uses her bare fist in combat and wears light brown armor since she rather have mobility than heavy armor.

Legal information: SHE'S MINE.

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