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Default Andrew Wells

Name: Andrew Wells

Age: 36

Gender: Male


Grew up with his parents, although his mother died when he was 7, followed by his father's death at 20. His father's side of the family had a knack for electronics,gadgets motors and the like, and naturally so did his father. He learned much about them from his father, and had a good amount of interest in them. He shared a stash of electronics with his father and they continued to add to the stash. When his father died, Andrew still added to the stash, as sort of a tradition to himself. Eventually, he had to move due to his slowly dying town, but he didn't want to abandon his stash. He began to rig up his own vehicle with what he found in the stash and area around him. Attaching a crude wagon to his vehicle, he was able to bring his stash with him, and now strolls around what's left of the world, adding to his stash.

The car is pretty much a rusted chassis from a scrap car, with wheels and an engine tacked on it, along with locks. The wagon is actually another "car", except without the engine, and most of the insides removed to make room for the stash. The wagon has locks on it, and an alarm rigged on it. It also usually has a dark colored tarp, cloth, blanket, or whatever Andrew finds covering it, as he doesn't want to draw attention.

Andrew is quite nice, but usually keeps to himself despite that. He is very protective of his stash. As noted, he has great interest in electronics, and is very proficient in tinkering and using them. He's above average in fitness, if only because he has to do some physically demanding things to get his electronics.

Brown hair, brown eyes, rather tall at 6'1. Wears brown worn overalls with a surprisingly clean white shirt under it and brown work boots. Also has a very worn out brown trenchcoat, although usually only worn when it's cold.

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