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Default Amé Caelestis

Name: Amé Caelestis (lololol ou Dani)
Age: Whilst Amé looks 17, and certainly seems to act that way with his innocent naivety. Amazingly Amé is actually 143.
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Occupation: Studies medicinal cures & herbs.
Height: 5’8
Weight: Strictly confidential, but he’s light to hold.
Eyes: A soft violet
Hair: Deep grayish blue
-Because Angels are affiliated with God, they have a natural lifespan of about ten thousand years.
-Most if not all Angels have wings, being naturally born with wings does not translate to flying ability, as Amé will tell you.
-Have the highest resistance to divine/holy magic.

Appearance: Amé is of a small, light stature, though slightly muscled. He possesses a soft face with eyes out on the world with an innocence that is uncorrupted from its years in Asgard. Adding to his soft face is a pair of slightly pointed ears. Framing it all is his hair; one of his friends described it as ‘organized chaos.’ Like every Angel Amé has two white feathered wings extending from his shoulder blades, his wing span being 2 metres.

Amé tends to wear lightweight clothes, and as with most of the Angel population has special cuts in the back to make room for his wings. However on this particular outing from which Amé will join the party with, he is wearing a light blue, low cut clingy top, with a see-through white top which joins at the middle of his chest. For pants he has loose (Loose in the since they don’t stick his legs, not falling off his hips loose. D<) white shorts that comes 3/4th down on his thighs. And to complete it all he has silver anklets, no shoes.

Personality: Amé does not differ much from the ideal that Angels are nature, peace loving creatures. He enjoys his walks in the gardens of Asgard and can also be found singing in his room. Amazingly, Amé can actually well, make that very well. To add to this he is very efficient with a needle, and enjoys the creation and alteration of clothes.

Hobbies aside, Amé is a bit of the quiet one. It isn't because he's shy, but because he never really knows what to say. And to add to this he’s a bit of klutz, always tripping in those situations that had a 99.9% chance to go perfectly went that 00.01% wrong.

History: Amé has led a definitely sheltered life, adding to his already natural naivety and slight cluelessness. He’s a single child, and generally just helps around the house. Even though he went to ‘school’ for 90 years, they offered no careers he wished to pursue. In other words, Amé’s just this cute little innocent Angel. ;_;

Abilities: Amé carries round with him a thin, ivory bow. When I say ‘carries’ I mean it’s always with him, but in another dimension. This means that when he needs, it he can pull it out of this extra dimension and into reality. He also doesn’t need arrows to shoot, he simply has to pull the string and fire. This in itself is odd, because the arrows don’t actually materialize; they are there but not there at the same time.

An interesting fact about his arrows is that he can fire them without shooting them. The advantage of shooting them through his bow is they're more powerful, than being shot by magic. He typically utilizies this ability when he needs something shot, now.

Legal Info: All mine, if you steal this I shall exterminate you. After I've tortured for some time that is. Thank you. <3

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