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Mitchi 10-15-2009 09:01 PM

Thaeres Greenwood
Name: Thaeres Greenwood (prounounced "Theris")
Game: Maple Story
Class: Sniper (bowman 3rd job)

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Appearance: Longish dark brown hair, gray eyes, and stands 6' even with a toned yet svelte build.. Dresses in camo type colors, which generally change depending on where he is hunting, and wears clothes that will withstand the environment, always looking very manly and tough, with his crossbow always at his side.

Pull him out of battle, however, and he loves to wear silks and satins, velvets and velours, rayons and batiste cottons, basically anything soft and beautiful. He wears it with all seriousness of a man who knows what's manly, and will kick the ass, both verbally and with arrows, of anyone who dares insinuate that loving luxurious fabrics makes him any less of a man.

Despite (or maybe obviously because of) his very MANRY demeanor, he's as fabulous as they come. That's right, this cupid amongst men has a thing for other men. Not that there's anything wrong with that, other than disappointing all of the ladies.

Backstory: Many years ago, a disaster happened on Maple Island, causing many of it's inhabitants to flee to the nearby island of Victoria. Among these inhabitants were two young brothers.

These two lived in Henesys for a while the older one trained to be a top notch Bowman, with the younger one, Azthra, supported his brother and patched up his injuries.

Thaeres is extremely protective of his little brother, but not in an overbearing sort of way that one would be for a younger sister. While he thinks it's good for his brother to get a little roughed up every now and again (he says the boy needs to "man up"), whenever they hunt or do battle, he always has one eye on his prey, and another watching his sibling, ready to change the direction of his shot to guard him from danger.


Double shot - A special mechanism on his crossbow allows him to shoot two bolts at once.

Critical Shot - With a trained eye and good senses, Thaeres is a master at hitting vitals and pressure points on his foes.

Focus - Basically, he gets into the "zone." This makes him more aware of his prey and himself, allowing him not only better dexterity at shooting, but at dodging as well.

Booster - Allows him to attack faster for a short period of time

Power Knockback - Uses his manliness crossbow and strength to push an enemy away from him.

Iron Arrow - Shoots a bolt with such force that it can penetrate the enemy and go through it to hit another. Can go through thin walls too.

Soul Arrow - In a last ditch effort, Thaeres can shoot crossbow bolts created with the power of manliness sheer force of will.

Blizzard - Can fire bolts that have to potential to freeze the enemy.

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