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Maget 10-09-2009 11:06 AM

Mayu Amrita
Name: Mayu Amrita

Game: Ragnarok Online

Class: Taekwon

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Standing at a petite 5'1, her height very much fits Mayu's rather small frame. Her pale violet hair is usually seen in a raised ponytail, tied by some red Twin Ribbons. She wears the usual taekwon garb that is a requirement for those who practice said job, except that she removed at least half of the armor pads due to their heavy weight. By standards she would seem to be a cute girl, if not for her looking so tired and dazed all the time.

For someone who practices martial arts, Mayu seems rather pale and skinny compared to the other taekwons. In fact, it seems that she'd be more suited to a caster's role. In effect, she is mostly seen to be looking rather famished and exhausted when moving around. Though most people mistake her for a sickly girl, Mayu actually has a unique and better physique than most other taekwons.

Backstory: Mayu hails from the quaint town of Hugel, born from a well-off family in the peaceful north. As she became older, her parents noticed how tired she always looked, and how she always spent her days sleeping indoors. Upon examination, Mayu was diagnosed with an abnormally high metabolism. Though she could potentially always be full of energy, it also meant that she had to eat about five times what a normal man could eat in order to supplement her energy consumption. Of course, she didn't always have the opportunity to eat all that she wanted.

Concerned, her parents sent her on an airship to the neighboring country of Rune Midgard. Though she was considered to be physically weak, Mayu was actually a rather intelligent girl who showed potential to be a mage. There was also the possibility that the mage guild would have a cure for her condition, and so she was soon off on her journey.

Of course... her physique often got in the way of her smarts, and that was what exactly happened. Upon arrival in Juno, she had asked to be warped to Geffen... but was sent to Payon instead.

Since she was a foreigner, Mayu had little knowledge of the different cities in Midgard, and was clueless on what was about to unfold. Before she knew it, she had been conscripted into the Taekwon Guild, thinking it was the Mage's Guild... until it was too late. Lacking the money to get back home, Mayu eventually settled with getting by day to day until she could earn enough money to go back home to Hugel...


Happy Break- Regenerates HP at an accelerated rate.
Peaceful Break- Regenerates SP at an accelerated rate.
Tumbling- Chance to dodge both physical and magical attacks.
Kihop- Raises the attack power of the group depending on the number of people.
Leap- Leap forward over walls and obstacles.
Counter Kick- A kick designed to be used as a counter to enemy attacks. Will almost always hit.
Flying Kick- A kick designed to close the gap between an enemy and the user.
Mild Wind- Enchants the users kicks with an element of choice.

Custom skills:

To be filled out soon.

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