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Sandrie 09-14-2009 05:14 PM

Susan Dumia
Name: Susan Dumia
Game: Latale
Class: Artist Bard

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: 5'4'' Brown hair, brown eyes. Wears a light blue blouse and a blue miniskirt. Has a large blue ribbon on her head. She usually holds on to her Valkyrie guitar (to show off) but does carry a mandolin as backup.

Backstory: Susan had a weird dream about some girl with a bow who fought this enormous monster, but didn't pay much mind to it. She instead has been working hard to better herself and make a name for herself. She is getting there, but quite slowly.

[Note:Susan MUST be playing for any of these to take effect. Also, most of them are slow.]
Evil sound: Only offensive attack Susan has. It only damages enemies, but the song might get annoying after 100 uses.

Recovery Sound: Slowly heals people while playing the guitar.

Holy Sound: Buffs up defense [have to listen to the WHOLE song to work]

Offense Sound:Increase magic/physical attack power [it's a very low %, like 7. Also, you have to listen to the WHOLE song for full effect]

"Stop the Action" [aka "Emoticon 61" or Stop that Guitar!]: Unfortunately you need a skill to stop playing the guitar in Latale. [srsly]

Sound of Heart:A random buff that "raises power levels" [meaning it's a random draw between the stats strength, magic, stamina, and luck. str=basic damage magic=sp/slight magic damage increase sta=hp/defense luck=crit rate and how often enemies crit on you]

Sound of Spirit:Raises hp slightly [how much is dependent on the person. Mages look like they get more cause they likely have less hp/stamina/however it's gonna work out. It's less useful to tanks, who has a lot more. In-game it's locked into +700hp at master]

Guitar Group Heal: For when things get sticky. [it's instaheal and spammable in-game, but I'm not going to do that ._.]

Calming Ballad: Has a chance of calming down monsters and making them less aggressive. But if it fails Susan is monster chow. [doesn't work on people/boss monsters/etc]

[Note: the song/SFX are here if you are curious:]

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