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Default Sylvana Rangris

Name: Sylvana Rangris

Age: 19

Faction: Soldiers of Soare

Race: Reyvateil

Appearance: Sylvana stands at 5'7, with a slim build and a rather pale complexion. Her silvery hair falls down to her back, with two long bangs on both sides of her head that freely sway in front of her face. Because of her soft facial features,her beauty would be considered unparalleled if not for one thing; her eyes. A distinct cloudiness envelops both of her deep blue eyes, giving her a vacant, empty stare. Sylvana had lost her gift of sight ever since her Reyvateil powers awakened; she was blind. Since she had joined the SoS, she now possesses an optical visor that augments her senses and combat ability. The visor is installed behind both her ears, extending to connect and cover her eyes when activated, a single, red “eye” traveling along the visor that serves as her field of vision. However, the visor does not enable her to see. It merely serves to give a calculation of the environment based on her other senses, like her hearing. It is also battery-powered, and requires a period of time to recharge after each use.

Sylvana prefers to travel lightly, which reflects on her preferred apparel. A bright, flowing white robe that exposes her shoulders is coupled over a dark green inner undergarment that goes down to her thighs. The robe is fastened to her waist with a blue, ribboned sash, the long ends dangling in the air. Sylvana prefers to forego the use of footwear, reasoning that it heightens her senses, going completely barefoot for the most part of her travels. Three golden anklets decorate her right ankle, with three matching golden bracelets around her left wrist. A jewel-studded choker wraps around her neck, a memento from the very first Vanguard she made a pact with.

Personality: It should be noted that there is one term that describes Sylvana most accurately. A ditz. Sylvana has always been a clumsy girl, being one of the chosen few to be able to trip on their own feet even before she was blinded. In fact, most of her antics can't even be attributed to her handicap; she's just really airheaded. In the field however, she can be completely different. Almost all traces of emotion completely leave the previously ditzy girl, turning her into a somewhat merciless songstress capable of carrying out orders without question.

Backstory: Sylvana grew up in the city of Orange Falcon, borne to an average family living in the outskirts.She led a particularly normal life until one fateful day while running errands from the city. Walking home one late evening, she was beset by a pack of hungry wolves. Though she tried to flee, it didn't take long for her pursuers to corner her. Exhausted and scared, it was at that moment that Sylvana's latent Reyvateil powers awakened, a flash of green knocking one of the wolves several feet into the air. A passing Vanguard noticed the light, rushing towards the source as he heard the girl's scream. After driving off the wolves, the aged Vanguard took his time to comfort the girl and explain her predicament for her to understand. Then and there, the Vanguard was able to convince Sylvana to make a pact with him just before she passed out.

However, the awakening of her abilities had left a crippling side effect on Sylvana. She was inexplicably blinded during the encounter, her clouded eyes attesting to this fact even if there were no visible wounds on her face. From the next day onward, the aged Vanguard took her under his wing, helping the Reyvateil adopt to her new life without sight. Though disheartened at first, Sylvana quickly outgrew this and was able to function regularly in just a few years, even creating her very first Song Magic with her mentor. That was, until said Vanguard suddenly disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note, and the jeweled choker that she wears proudly in the present time.

Some time after setting off alone to search for her missing mentor, she was scouted by a representative of the Soldiers of Soare. Knowing that such an influential organization could help in her search, she joined without question. Under the care of the SoS, Sylvana was able to train her battle abilities. It came to the point where she could enter a hyper-sensory state that heightened all her senses to cope with her lack of sight. This state however, came with a side effect; whenever she would enter a battle, she would become an unmoving shell devoid of any emotion. It was also in the SoS that Sylvana was outfitted with the optical visor that she now wears behind her ears. Though she does not personally uphold the SoS' mission, she unquestionably carries out their will, if only for the hope that it will somehow bring her closer to her old partner's whereabouts...

Known Songs:

Green Magic
Gale Shot- A light green-colored ball of concentrated air shoots forward, either cutting down or knocking the target backwards.

Red Magic
Howling Moon- Her Song Magic takes the form of a large, blue wolf. With each charge, it grows in both size and ferocity. When released, it pounces on the target, ripping into it with claw and fang alike.
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