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FlamesBlader 09-02-2009 03:14 AM

Kress Lunera
Name : Kress Lunera (I took the french word of moon and failed it?)
Age : 12
Faction : Soldiers of Soare
Race : Human Vanguard
Gender : Male
Weapon : Bow

Appearance : A blonde, almost goldhaired boy, wearing the clothes of a prince. He carrys his arrows on his back, in a red tin. He is 4''7''. He has a scar on his back, half moon shaped. It's hidden most of the time, though.

Backstory : Kress has one sister, but she is aged 15. This little brat joined the Soldiers of Soare because he thought Lady Analea was cute. He had decided that he would tell everyone he joined for the 'honor.' When he was young, due to being a prince, he learned how to use a rapier. But he didn't like the action of close-ranged fights. He hates war, and wants to end it.

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