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PedroRomero 08-31-2009 07:48 PM

Angelito Verde
OOPS posted in wrong section. thanks Holy for moving

Name: Angelito Verde
Age: 28
Faction: Soldiers of Soare
Race: Human Vanguard
Gender: male
Weapon: Shields

Appearance: A very tall guy who stands at 6'2 and complements the look with lots of heavy armor. He has wild brown hair with a green headband around his head and a tiny ponytail at the nape of his neck. He has violet eyes.

Backstory: Growing up in Orange Falcon, Angelito was taught that the Reyvatiel were different and meant to be dispised. He was raised by his Father along with his little sister Benita. By the time he was 15 he was a key member of an extremeist anti Reyvatiel movement and his Father was the leader. It was when he was 18 that everything changed. His sister had been revealed as a Reyvatiel. Angelito was torn between his love for his sister and what he had always been taught was right. But his Father did nothing as their house was stormed by the members of his very own organization.

Now it has been 10 years since Angelito has set foot back in Orange Falcon or spoken any word to his Father. He lived as a drifter from city to city and town to town acting in defense of any Reyvatiel he'd seen wronged even if it meant murder, until the day he met Lady Analea Lute Iaisen and found in her a kindred spirit in his longing to inflict harm on those who harmed the Reyvatiel maidens.

Despite his past and bitter thoughts towards those who harm Reyvatiels, Angelito never let that consume the person he compeltely was. In his sister's memory he has never forgotten how to smile.

Angelito is a bit of a softy. He likes cats and can bake a mean souffle.

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