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Default Mirei Elorei

Name: Mirei Elorei
Age: 17
Faction: Knights of Sunlight
Race: Reyvateil

Appearance: Mirei is 5’6 She has soft, shoulder length, aqua coloured hair. The hair at the back is wrapped around to the left side of her head and held there by a small silver pin. She wears a white coat like top that opens from the waist down and splays out stopping slightly lower than the knees. Short black shorts cover about of her thigh don her lower part. A silver choker is wrapped around her neck. White heeled boots, a similar colour to her top, adorn her feet. She sings with either her hands clasped infront of her chest or her left hand resting on her chest while her right arm is extended out in front of her.

Personality: Mirei is a quiet girl, when she does speak, it’s often very softly, however, even though she is in the Sunlight faction, she is not as stable as some Revyateils and may resort to violence quicker than the rest of her group. Mirei is not very open either and no longer trusts as easily as before. Thus people find it hard to establish a friendship with her, Mirei isn't doing this conciously, it's more like a self-defense mechanism that sprung up since her awakening and has yet to be taken down.

Backstory: Mirei lived in Lyvica Stani a small town north-west of Dawn’s Cradle. She lived with her family until she was 14 when her song awakened and she was branded a Revyateil. Mirei was walking towards home when she saw two men dragging a crying girl away from the main street, Mirei followed them into a side alley where she came upon them ruthlessly beating the girl. Mirei tried to intervene but they just called her a ‘Revyateil lover.’ And beat her as well, and this unlocked her song. After this experience Mirei went home and packed her things before disappearing without a trace. Mirei heard about the Knights of Sunlight and journied to Dawn's Cradle to join them.

Known Songs:

Green Magic:

Ice Shot: A bullet like icicle is shot at the target.

Blue Magic:

Raklya Sar: A small girl in a blue dress appears sitting on a puffy white cloud, the cloud proceeds to rain over the party, anyone who is hit by the rain will absorb it into their blood system. The rain speeds up the clotting and healing of the body astronomically. The rain also gives everyone a a slight increase in resistance to water. The girl will stay and continue to rain as Mirei sings. This can be used for a nice shower! Note: The rain doesn't wet clothes, it's magical. Mirei's song was created by her sadness at the injustice to Revyateils.

Raklya Sar means Weeping Sky.

Wow, I just realised her personality is entirely different from how I roleplay her. ._.

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