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Default NPC listing for "This Is our Song"

Knights of sunlight:

Name: Bell Granme Lancaster
Age: 19
Faction: Knights of Sunlight (Leader)
Race: Reyvateil

Appearance: Stands 5'3, very frail, with short red hair and brown eyes. Wears a simple pink sundress with a large white ribbon, tied in a bow at the back, with thick black hiking boots.

Backstory: Bell grew up in the capital of Revm Ciel, the city "Dawn's Cradle," And manifested as a Reyvateil at age 14. Originally, she wanted to study to become a dive therapist, like the ones that Metafalls was famous for. Her cosmosphere was proven to be too fragile to handle the strain of Dive therapy, and immediately ceased training. Her parents then convinced her to become a regular doctor.

Since she lived a sheltered life, she never realized how bad most Reyvateils had it until she was walking home one night alone when she was 16. She was accosted by three men, who in so many words told her that she had to do what they wanted because Reyvateils were beneath humans. Another, stronger reyvateil and her partner rushed to Bell's aid, but the Vanguard was wounded in battle. Her strong desire to help these people helped her form her first song magic, without the help of diving.

She then made a descision to help out her fellow Reyvateils, and vowed to never allow ignorance as an excuse to turn a blind eye to abuse of fellow people.

Known Songs:

Green Magic

Gale shot - A small gust of wind.

Blue Magic
Medic witch - A small nurse wearing witch robes, Holding a large syringe. Sprays Medicine around to heal people.


Name: Jennifer Engelke
Age: 22
Faction: Knights of Sunlight
Race: Reyvateil

Details: About 5'5" with long, golden hair and green eyes, She's known as one of the few completely battle oriented members of the Knights. She and her partner, Jethro, are the leaders of the battle training squadron of the Knights. She usually sports a knee length pleated navy blue skirt and a cream colored buttoned blouse with 3/4 sleeves. She also wears roman style sandals and wears a scrunchie on her left wrist.

Known Songs:
Stunner - A Small Nymph girl wearing a black leather-looking tank top and a yellow miniskirt. Stunner holds a small box which over time grows into a large tazer. Uses lightning based attacks that paralyze the opponent.

Thunder Shot - a small, low powered but quick fireing bolt of electricity.

Name: Jethro Engelke
Age: 22
Faction: Knights of Sunlight
Race: Human Vanguard
Weapon: Short sword

Details: Stands 5'11 with spiked brown hair and hazel eyes. Wears this: (Same clothes as a Ragnarok online Swordsman), except in shades of blue and grey with black. Yeah, I can't describe it very well, but he's a generic. He's known as one of the best sword vanguards in the knights and follows Jennifer's orders very closely. The two of them are said to be very close.


Name: Blodwyn "Winny" Kraus (pronounced Cross)
Age: 23
Faction: Knights of Sunlight
Race: Reyvateil

Details: Stands 4'8" with very curly, bright red hair, pale skin, honey colored eyes and a spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her hair is usually pulled into twin ponytails on the sides of her head. Often, she'll wear really frilly clothing and short skirts, often with colorful or patterned stockings. Very bubbly girl who will often sing for no reason (normal songs, btw)

Known Songs:

Berry Sweets - Three little Fairies appear, one with green hair and a red tube top and skirt, both with tan speckles (strawberry), One with white hair and a dark blue victorian dress (blueberry), and one with black hair and a purple smocked top with poofy sleeves and a long purple skirt (raspberry). If charged for a long time, then various other "berries" may appear, but this is uncomfirmed. The Berries will surround the target and blast magic the color of their respective berry. Wind element.

Medical Staff:
Name: Dr. Leslie Maystorm (only the nurses know this though, and most of them forget.)
Nickname: Dr. Bear, Dr. Grizzly, Teddy, Big guy
Age: 36
Faction: Knights of Sunlight
Race: Human (Vanguard??)

Details: Stands 6'7, with a large, muscular frame, and has a rough but kind face. Very gruff looking, with short hair that is surprisingly soft and fluffy, along a rough looking beard to match. Despite his large frame, he has a surprisingly delicate touch and nimble fingers, which are very necessary for many medical procedures. Always talks in an emphatic manner. His hobbies include reading stories to orphans, helping little old ladies cross the street, and taking care of flowers in the hospital's garden. Has two pet rabbits named Pico and Foof. Favorite color is light purple.

Soldiers of Soare:

Name: Lady Analea Lute Iasien
Age: 23
Faction: Soldiers of Soare (leader)
Race: Reyvateil

Appearance: Stands about 5'6, about average build, with long, Ebony hair and Blue eyes. Usually wears a blouse that resembles a Furisode, with a blue background and red Spider lilies embroidered on, and Deep blue slacks with a grass like pattern on the hem, as well as Platform Sandals made of polished Cherrywood with red silk straps.

Backstory: Analea awakened to her song magic at the age of 15, and lived in a village where Reyvateils were considered inferior. While she generally was fine as a child, animosity grew towards her when she yelled at a boy that was picking on her best friend, and accidentally cast her first song magic.

As she got older, she realized that there were many places in Revm Ciel that were racist Towards Reyvateils, especially ones that had no Vanguard partner. She gathered a group of other Reyvateils and their partners, as well as humans who shared her ideals. She honestly just wishes for Reyvateils not to be tormented, but her experiences with humans leads her to believe that they need to at least be punished for their inhumanity.

Known Songs:

Green Magic

Sonic Shot - A small, non elemental shot

Red Magic
Crying Heart - A small girl with fairy wings and a scythe, wearing a flowing purple dress, born from her despair at suddenly being treated as a filthy creature and no longer as a person.

Name: Milliam Raine
Age: 26
Faction: Soldiers of Soare (Second in command)
Race: Reyvateil

Appearance: Pixie cut Blonde hair and green eyes. Wears a black leather like coat over a decorative Teru top, with brown tights, and wrap skirt tied around her waist.

Backstory: Works with Lady Analea as her bodyguard and Vanguard partner, although she can't dive. Essentially, she's the only thing stopping Lady Analea from nuking every human she sees, and the only reason humans are allowed into the Soldiers of Soare in the first place.

Known Songs:

Green Magic

Ice Shot
Ice Spear
Gale Shot
Gale Spear
Gale Fan

Medical staff:

Name: Dr. Johnathan Ives
Age: 29
Faction: Soldiers of Soare
Race: Human

Details: A young prodigy of a doctor, Johnathan stands at 5'9 and has a slim build, with long, pale brown hair and hazel eyes. He talks in a soft, gentle manner, but will do whatever it takes to make sure his patients heal and rest undisturbed.


Factionless NPCs:

Dawn's Cradle 6th Street Dive shop employees:

Name: Farley Edos
Age: 23

Details: Farley runs the Diveshop in Dawn's cradle, and is very very protective of his diving machines. He stands at 6' even and has light blue hair, tanned skin and black eyes. His horns are rather prominent and he always has his tail out. His outfit is usually comprised of a buttoned up silk shirt with long sleeves and black jeans, usually with an ornate deep blue overcoat covering everything. The back of his coat shows a crest that has a heart shape with a jagged line running horizontally through it, with a dagger standing vertically at the right end of the line, and an orb at the left end.

Name: Lambda Kaiser
Age: 19
Race: Human Reyvateil

Details: Lambda stands at 5'3" with Rend hair, usually braided into pigtails, Bright gold eyes and pale, freckled skin. She often wears what looks like a dark gray victorian style dress, except it has a tube like top (no sleeves, in other words). Said to be one of the best Dive therapists in Dawn's Cradle, and close friends with many of the Knights of Sunlight.
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