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Sandrie 08-20-2009 07:33 AM

Louise Lupi
Name: Louise Lupi
Game: Trickster Online (<_<)
Class: Fox (3rd, but dresses up as 1st)

Gender: Female
Age: 23
Appearance: 5' 4'', purple hair, brown eyes, simple blouse and red skirt. Has a purple purse (check out the official fox artwork I guess)

Backstory: Louise was the top of her class, even when she was little. She graduated college at only the age of 20. She spent 2 years looking for ancient ruins and treasure, but only found a curious purse that can hold a LOT of stuff. When she heard of the Caballa Island competition, she donned a fox costume with 2 tails and went off to explore the land. At first she was content just looking and exploring, but she found out the hard way that some things can't be done "nicely" so she took it on herself to learn the ways of a thief master and master of throwing stuff. Well not so much that second part...or the first.

Skuriken Master-yay can throw knives now.
Heavy Carrier- self-explanatory
Fan of Knives-tosses a bunch of skuriken to several enemies, but it's "very likely to miss"
Poison Assault - some of the skuriken might have some poison on it (only can use when hidden, and that cancels the hide)
Hide - allows...the ability to hide in bushes and the like?

Custom skills:
none D:

Edit:Legal info:Character design/story ŠNtreev

Sandrie 09-12-2009 05:11 AM

Name: Louise Lupi
Game: Trickster Online
Class: Fox (3rd, but dresses up as 1st)

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Appearance: 5' 4'' hasn't changed too much, except maybe the amount of stuff she carries in her purse.

Backstory: After that first adventure, Louise went back to school to learn something she felt very vital: bomb-making. However, she's not all that good at that, on top of the whole "thief master" deal.

[New?] Skills:

Landmine: sets up a landmine where it will explode a few seconds later IF there is something nearby it. [I decided that these WON'T home, where's the fun in lolohko >> also Louise is a" DA fox" so this is gonna miss liek no tomorrow]
Sixth Sense: increase in damage (I don't remember the % but it's not that high) and "sensing ability"

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