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PedroRomero 08-19-2009 08:57 PM

Micah Silva
Name: Micah Silva
Game: Trickster Online
Class: raccoon, 1st job

Gender: male
Age: 23
Appearance: Tall and lean stature (5'10). He is usually seen in a white tailored 3 piece suit, and black leather boots and fingerless gloves. blue ascot is optional... depending on his mood.

i'm not a hair expert so let's just say he has the same hairstyle as the TO teacher. color and all. and brown eyes. i guess he tries to make up for his plain face with his clothes.

Backstory: The son of very successful mystery thriller author turned detective Wilkie Silva. His father instilled a love of mystery in him at a young age. Unfortunately the greatest mystery of all happened, with the disappearance of the great writer on a trip to uncover the secrets which still remain... well secret. :lol:

Now years later as a self proclaimed "gentleman" and "dashing young man" with little accomplishments on his own, Micah decided to continue the family legacy by writing a mystery of his own. Lost as to where to begin, Micah, hoping to gain "field experience", became determined to solve the mystery of the brand new Caballa Island.

Sadly, the deduction skills his father was so famed for doesn't seem to run in the family. Armed with large sums of inherited money and an empty head only interested in "the cold hard facts" he seems to miss a lot of what's going on around him.

He's not much when it comes to physical combat...


Galder Throw - discovered very early on his trip to caballa island. in the town he grew up in, throwing his money around usually got him whatever he wants. now he can hurt enemies with it too!? sweet!

Dodge Master - you'd think throwing money at people would make them happy. but nooo. Micah learned very easily that he can make tons of enemies that way, and has become skilled at dodging their furious punches. now if only he could actually fight back....

Mana Reflector - his logic skills and powers of deduction (lol yea right) have made Micah a true unbeliever when it comes to mana/magic. thinking such thing as scientifically impossible has caused him to unknowingly build a resistance to such attacks that in some strange way causes the attack to shoot back at the enemy. who knew being closed minded had a perk?

Magic Meltdown - see above. lol magic users attacks also diminishes in power

Sturdy Shield - Micah can form an immaterial barrier between him and an enemy's physical attack.

Shield All - Micah can form an even larger version of his sturdy shield that protects not only him but his team mates as well.

Custom skills:


PedroRomero 09-12-2009 12:41 AM

Micah's update
Name: Micah Silva
Game: Trickster Online
Class: raccoon, 2nd job

Gender: male
Age: 25
Appearance: Still 5'10 having stopped growing even before his first mission with the other world. He still sports his own special sense of style and insists on continuing to wear three piece suits. Lately his favorite is a gray one which he wears with black boots and black fingerless gloves. He wears a harkon necklace hidden under his shirt.

I have a hard time thinking of a hairstyle and since i'd hate him to still look exactly the same after a few years let's just say his hair is like the guy in my avatar. He still has brown hair and eyes.

Story Update: Since leaving his adventures in the other world behind, Micah has managed to publish a best selling detective fiction novel, The Trickster of Carbigal.

In the meantime, Micah has also been spotted running around the island with other eligible bachelors such as Stefano, Sebastian, and even "arch rival" Don Giovanni. The four are often seen hanging around the Megalopolis, wooing the ladies (sometimes each other) and gambling in event garden/the Colosseum.

Not completely satisfied with his new lifestyle, Micah seeks to jump back into the mystery seeking lifestyle of his past by seeking to solve once and for all the mystery surrounding the rumors of Caballa Island and the powers of the harkon stone... and maybe write another novel too.

He, Louise, and Claire manage to keep in contact.


Card Throw - Gambling sure knows how to get to a fellow. One day during a heated match between Micah and Sebastian, cards began flying, Sebastian received an unexpected injury... and well the rest is history.

Impelling Rage - When frustrated in battle, Micah is able to push enemies away, deal a little bit of damage, and get himself back together.

Furious Galder Throw - Having published his first novel, and now having more income coming in on top of his already rich inheritance, his galder throw is even stronger than ever...


I didn't make him a custom before... so can this be approved?

Jackpot - The enemy has hit the lottery... but not a very good one. With a flourish, galders fly everywhere and hitting all enemies within the area and inflicting some harsh damage (think AoE galder throw)

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