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Sandrie 08-14-2009 11:11 AM

Rayne Falkner
Name:Rayne Falkner
Age:24 (she looks younger though)
Alignment:Neutral/Good (varies)
Class: Dark mage("secret")/attempting to be water mage
Eyes:light greenish
Hair:dark purple

Appearance:Often running around with herself unkempt. Her glasses are often loose and she easily breaks them (I has no picture Q_Q)

EDITS:I got my friend to draw, credit to her 8D

Personality: She is often laid-back and always tries to stay upbeat around people. However if the situation calls for it she is serious. She always thinks before she acts, sometimes to the point where she will miss the best opportunities. She often hides her emotions from others, even from people who she considers friends.

History: She is the head librarian of the Tachoa library (reference to my currently non-existant story) but is currently taking a break from her duties there.
She also can't write (literally, she taught herself to read). (Also, my story isn't set in a period where there is much technology so...yeah).

Equipment:Sometimes she carries a book around to read. She keeps a darkness spellbook in a pile of books she brought with her, 3rd from the bottom one.
Also had a dagger a friend gave to her before going off to war and dying ._.

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