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08-11-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Shuiro Yoruhime - 緋 夜姫

【 緋 夜姫 】

Family Name: Shuiro (Translated as 'Scarlet') / 緋
Given Name: Yoruhime (Translated as 'Night Princess') / 夜姫
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: 75% Chinese, 25% Japanese
Height: 162 cm
Eye Colour: Golden Yellow
Hair Colour: Dark Scarlet

Occupation (secret): Assassin
Occupation 2 (to hide real job): Waitress and/or Delivery (never stays at one job for long)
Techniques: 抜刀術 (Drawing-Sword Techniques) & 柔術 (Unarmed Fighting; Martial Art) & 自然力魔術 (User-Magic)
Battle Type: Speed (offensive)
Main Weapon: Katana (called Oriental Black)
Element: Fire & Darkness

Description: Wild and optimistic, she tackles every mission like her life depends on it. Though there are times where she acts before she thinks, when she wants to be serious, she will be serious. She tend to smile despite whatever situation it may be because the last memory she holds of her mother is a smiling face and a whisper that said "a smile confuses an approaching frown and erases all engulfing cold thoughts". However, because of that, she tends to lock most of her inner feelings inside.

Childhood/Past: She was born in China, living at a small village where work was tough but life was peaceful. Her mother, an excellent fighter and protector of the village, was chinese while her father was a foreign japanese traveler. Every 100th child of the Shuiro generation has an extraordinary power living within them. Perhaps that was the reason why her village was suddenly attacked when she had just turned 5 years old. The whole village was burnt down and everyone within was slain except for Yoruhime who was kept alive. She was kept prison by a leader who was, at that time, in power of the land. Just when she was about to have the powers within her extracted out, she was saved by a group of assassins. Unfortunately, the leader escaped and nothing was heard of ever since. Years later, Yoruhime became an assassin with skills that enabled her to control and use her powers effectively. Their morals taught her to not seek for revenge but deep down, she could not control her feelings of vengeance.


Credit to artists respectively: kaokmchan, Lynseed, Fay Lynn, Remi-chan & Blizz (for first picture)
More art can be seen here. ♥

I'll bite their heads off to anyone that dares to steal.
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Original Character (c) Yoruhime

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