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Default Micajah Fatik Adolphus.

Micajah Fatik Adolphus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race : Forest Elf
Hair: Orange-Red-ish
Eyes: Brown-red
Height: 5'4"
Weapon Hand : Left
Alignment : Lawful Good
Class : Flame - Warrior (see weapons + abilities & history)
Occupation : Holy warrior (srsly)
Personality: Micajah is Funny, Curious, Quick-thinking, and Witty. He loves to show off his intelligence, but he's partially modest. He can pop up at the most random of times, and he loves a good joke. He can be a bit jaded at times, when meeting someone who has no idea how something works.

Appearance :Micajah has deep orange-red-ish hair, brown-red eyes, Tanned skin, and the elf ears characteristic to his race. He usually wears an outfit consisting of a red vest that goes over a slim jacket, a slim pair of gloves with a splash of red on them, Sneakers with a bit of red near the base of the ankle, black jeans, and an orange sash that stands out among everything else.
The other outfit that Micajah wears is a white scarf over a white shirt that had black sleeves poking down his arms, black jeans that shined like slick boots, and shoes that were as white as the moon. There are splashes of red and orange in this outfit too, but tiny bits, perfectly neat and proper.

Leather belt with pouch containing first-aid kit and Rhinerad (in ball form) is in any and all outfits he will wear.


- Rhinerad - A sentient weapon made out of the metal named Hosacrid, which is able to shape into other items at will. Micajah inherited this weapon that takes the form of dual scimitars from his mentor and "Uncle" Kushiel Shadowbane, the dark elf. They have black blades and silver hilts. Calling it's name will make it form into the weapon its master commands.

Special Abilities:

- Wings - He can form these at command, being bonded with the fire element. They take the form of small orbs by his back, that expand into the conch mini wings, which membranes extend from that are flames.
- Flames - He can form this out of the palm of his hand, where there is any oxygen. It can be thrown, formed onto a weapon, and many other uses.
- Weaponry - Has mastered Two handed swords, One handed swords, and Dual swords.
- Spirit summon - Can summon flame spirit bonded to him.

Micajah is an original inhabitant of the Great Forest of Loreredon, north of Durem. He was born around 17 years ago as the only child of Barth and Lorelei Adolphus. He was surrounded with cousins, aunts, and uncles, but he never felt any kinship. So after that, around when he was 5 years old, he took to wandering the forests with his mother and father's permission, befriending the Spirits and Dryads of the forest.

He heard a spirit trapped in the area of the forest where he was wandering, one day. Micajah showed great zeal in locating its cries for help, since it was stuck in a hole. He widened the base of the hole that the spirit was trapped in, and it got out. The benevolent spirit was a spirit of the elements. It said it would grant Micajah any element-based wish he could ask for. He pondered it for a minute, but then asked for complete control over the Fire element. The Spirit granted his wish and with it Micajah's normally Black hair turned red-gold, reflecting the flames when light shines upon it, and his eyes turned red like a burning flame.

That incident did change his life, because that winter there was a huge blizzard, and the forest had no means of fire whatsoever. So they came to the now-aptly named flame child, who kept them warm during the freezing winter.

So a couple years after the incident, he met Kushiel Maelstronnar-Shadowbane and Ni'shan Maelstronnar. Micajah greeted them with great gusto and brought them home with him. They, in turn, showered him with gifts from the underdark worlds, before taking their leave a couple months later, leaving a note saying that they will seek out the Holy Order, A group of no little prestige that is comprised of holy warriors.

This is where Micajah's story takes a turn for the better, for when they left, he started training every day with his favored the weapon, the dual scimitars, in a chance to go after them someday.

And he did.
Micajah travelled to the Holy Order, where they turned him away off to the Holy Order's own academy. He then met Kushiel again, while going through the rigorous training programs there at the age of 13. Micajah Fatik Adolphus then joined the Holy Order. His mentor , the dark elf Kushiel, also dubbed the 'Holy Abyssal', then gave him the weapon 'Kazeka'. It was the weapon who Micajah changed the name to 'Rhinerad', befitting his new rank and powers.

Legal information : Micajah Fatik Adolphus HolyAbyssal (Anton Ochs) 2008-2009
Arts of Him :
lolpoisons @ Mal'Ganis(H)

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