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Krakas 07-31-2009 07:31 AM

Onyx Gray/Leda Swan
Name: Leda Swan
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Orientation:European White
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Class: Modern Mage. Details later.
Occupation: Part time worker at her adoptive fathers music store/Freelance Apprentice Mage.
Height: 155cm
Weight: 49kg
Eyes: Orange/Gold
Hair: Jet black, about a few inches below the shoulders when ponytailed. When left to dangle the hair goes past her shoulders to around the middle of her abdomen.
Notes: Sinistral (Left hand is dominant.)

Appearance: With average height and average weight, Leda usually draws attention only because of her eyes. Sporting jet black hair, she usually likes it ponied or left to dangle, it really depends on her current mood. Her casual wardrobe is any mixture of shirts that work well with her jeans, she isn't too much a fan of skirts. Her Mage work attire is buisness like, tie and blazer, but with a skirt and other things that indicate her apprentice status. (Saying she is still attending magic classes.)

Personality/Character: Reserved but not quiet, Leda tries to keep her emotions in check, letting reason/logic control her actions more often than not. Usually blunt, but socializing practices at her part time job helps her in being toothful with others. The only times Leda would show raw emotion is if someone gave her a migrane or the like, that and she's utterly hopeless in hiding her romantic feelings (Softcore Tsundere, per se.).

History: Adopted at age 6 to a music oriented family, Leda is the youngest of two siblings. Her adoptive mother is a music diva while her adoptive father owns a chain of music stores. Leda's step-brother is inspiring to become a guitarist, so it just leaves Leda being the only one in the family not going into a musical career.
Leda never knew her birthmother, she only knows that she was a Magician. Her birthfather was a mechanic that died one day in a vehicle repair gone wrong, that of which leading Leda into a foster home. Wishing to know more about her mother, and possibly even be able to meet her if she's still alive, Leda became a mage for that purpose.

Special Abilities: Works with magic in modern day society. Technology obsoletes the long enchantments, just typing specific codes on phone or laptop and she's all set. She does need the good ol' staff if the magic is offensive in nature however, but preset codes will negate the need for her to speak long enchantments. She has a multitude of spells, but the majority are basic.
Being brought up since 6 by musical nuts, Leda has sound knowledge of the musical world/buisness, although she doesn't play an instrument.

Mobile Phone: This thing goes wherever Leda does, it's her most important asset in emergencies requiring magic where she hasn't brought her laptop.
Crypto Code Staff: When she needs to cast that good ol' fireball, she brings out this staff.
Laptop: Sometimes seen in that carry bag of hers, Leda's laptop is used when she is working as a freelance mage.

Information age (Modern)

Legal Information: Copyright, KoarseKrimson, 2009. (Just for the hell of it.)

Name: Onyx Gray
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Class: Gunman
Occupation: School/Missions
Height: 159cm
Weight: 53kg
Eyes: Chocolate brown
Hair: Brown, rugged and messy hair that barely misses the shoulders
Notes: Dexteral (Right hand is dominant)

-Note: I'll update this detailed information part later-




Special Abilities:


Legal Information: Copyright, KoarseKrimson, 2009. (Just for the hell of it.)

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