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Default Aysel Hughes

Character sheet:

RP: Viva la Revolution: Vasantarian Trance

Name: Aysel Hughes
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unemployed, ex-hitman
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 133 lbs.
Eyes: Olive green
Hair: Black

Appearance: A tall, young woman with an athletic build and a confident look on her face. Aysel dresses not so differently than other people in the poverty Sectors, usually wearing old and worn clothing. She's mostly found in an slighty ragged white dress shirt, sneakers, and old, torn black jeans that somehow still fit her almost perfectly. To top her outfit off, she wears a worn-out black newsboy cap that she's overly fond of. Under it is her long black hair, which hangs down slightly below her waist and is little unkempt. She carries a golden pocketwatch, which is her only item of value.

Personality/Character: Aysel is very confident and proud, and can be a violent person. She possesses a short fuse which, paired with her other traits, makes her a potentially dangerous character. However, she tries to avoid fighting unless she has to, as she was already detained and beaten as punishment for her belligerence several times. She can also be pretty sarcastic at times. Despite her energetic appearance, she harbors deep hatred and jealousy within her towards the people of Sector α and their wonderful lifestyle.

Application sheet:

Surname/Maiden name: Hughes
Given name: Aysel
Date of birth: March 22nd
Place of birth: Some other metropolis
Father's name: Elias
Mother's name: Avaline
Name of spouse: N/A
Sector of residence: Sector δ
Address: 34 Sine Spe St.
Telephone: δ-9542-0146
Occupation: Unemployed, ex-hitman
Skills and abilities noteworthy: I'm strong. Very strong. The strength came naturally I guess. I can cook too... but I'm not exactly good at it.

Combat abilities? Weapon of choice?: My few years as a hitman helped hone my combat expertise. I'm not a fan of weapons, but I'm capable of using guns and blades. I also carry around some brass knuckles just in case I really wanna hurt someone.

Anything else we should know about you?: Don't piss me off.

Why do YOU want to join the Erux?: I hate being treated like shit, and those people in Sector α think they're so perfect. It pisses me off to no end. I want our positions to reverse, and have them to suffer what we in the poverty Sectors go through.

And finally, how do you seek to accomplish this? What do you want to gain?: I'll do whatever I can for the Erux. If you need heads bashed in, I'm your girl. What do I want? Simple. A lavish lifestyle and freedom.

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