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Default Misty Stillwater

Character sheet:

RP: Viva la Revolution: Vasantarian Trance

Name: Misty Stillwater (alias, real name Delia Jones)
Age: between 16 and 24, depending on who's asking ((Note: she's 18, but she changes what age she appears for her clients.))
Gender: Female
Occupation: Virtual Pleasure Agent (Aka hooker, Call Girl, prostitute, etc, but only for the virtual systems, not physical)
Height: 5'4
Weight: 115 and don't you dare believe otherwise
Eyes: Brown, but contact PCs look greenish-hazel
Hair: Blonde
Notes: Due to her nature as a virtual sex worker, her clients often "see" her as a differnt appearance. Her default is a tallish, willowy young woman with blue-black hair and blue eyes.

A rather average looking young girl, with medium length blonde hair and brown eyes, and a svelte form. Has a nice smile.

A young girl born to a poor family, she's in love with technology. Since it's hard to get where she lives and her parents are too busy caring for her two siblings as well as her, she took matters into her own hands. It didn't seem like that that bad of a deal, you hook up through the nets and let people into your mind and entertain them, and and you never even have to let them touch you physically. Doesn't matter if you're not hot, either, since you can make yourself look like whatever fantasy they want. And it wasn't like other low sector girls weren't doing it too. That's how Delia became Misty, and got her first job at age 14.

Outside of the pleasurespheres, she's not that special. A high school student that gets okay grades and has a few friends, not really that popular with the boys, but that's okay, since she prefers older guys anyway. She lives at home with her parents and her two siblings, one older sister and a younger brother. No one at home or school knows what she's up to, they just think she's a dishwasher at a local family restaurant. Of course, even the restaurant is a front, they only stay in business through their unscrupulous activities in the back.

Application sheet:

Surname/Maiden name: Jones
Given name: Delia
Date of birth: August 14
Place of birth: Vasanta
Father's name: Trevor Jones
Mother's name:Elizabeth Hillsworth
Name of spouse: n/a
Sector of residence: Sector ε
Address: 835 South Corvis rd unit #311
Telephone: ε-793-8477(home) β-555-4664 (work)
Occupation: Virtual Pleasure Agent
Skills and abilities noteworthy: Excelent charisma and speech skills. A great conversationalist.
Combat abilities? Weapon of choice?: no real combat abilities but I'm handy with a knife and know how to improvise. You need it when you're a girl living on the streets of Sector ε
Anything else we should know about you?: I'm amazing at changing my voice. Maybe if I had lived in another sector I could have put this talent to use.

Why do YOU want to join the Erux?: I'm tired of selling my "body" (really, it's my mind, but in some ways that's even worse, you dig?).

And finally, how do you seek to accomplish this? What do you want to gain?: I've already sunk as low as I can, so I'm willing to do what i need to. As for what I want to gain, I just wish it were easier to get tech down here in the lower sectors, and hope I can put this phase of my life behind me.
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