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Default Aevum Luce

Oh boy 5:30AM

RP: Viva la Revolution: Vasantarian Trance

Name: Aevum Luce
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: Dark brown (Central heterochromia in right eye causes the inside to be a hazel color)
Hair: Medium length straight black hair

Appearance: Always seen wearing a T-shirt, blue jeans, black leather shoes and a unzipped sweater unless there is a special occasion. His clothes generally have a blue and black theme to it. A glove is usually seen on his right hand (fingerless on all but his index finger). He seems taller than he actually is, but only because he has a slender body. His facial expressions are hard to read to strangers and usually appears expressionless (sometimes stern or thoughtful), but he's an open book to people close to him. His arms are usually crossed or his hands in the pockets of his sweater or jeans. He wears custom made contacts that can change colors, but he usually doesn't change it from his original eye color.

Personality/Character: He is a somewhat stubborn, laid-back person that prefers to take things slowly unless presented with a problem. He prefers to be neat, although he is often untidy at times. His adoptive father's dislike of corrupt government and unjust society was passed onto him, and he too harbors the same dislike. However, his feelings spread to society in general, although he maintains great relationships in his social circles. He is quite lazy and dislikes work in general, although he puts in much effort when he is motivated or if he is promised a large reward. Strangely enough, he possesses a surprising amount of knowledge about obscure facts, but he is often unaware of common information. He usually keeps to himself around strangers, but opens up to friends easily. Possessing a fiery temper, he is angered easily and picks fights easily, but only does so if he is confident he won't lose or is desperate. Unfortunately, his words make him easily misunderstood and cause more problems than he would like. He has an extremely quick thought process, making him able to analyse situations and create a number of solutions that will help him achieve his goals, although he tends to choose the quickest ones regardless of the risk. The only exception is that he prioritizes the safety of his closest friends, but will sacrifice almost anything in exchange. He has a habit of overthinking and sometimes he says his thoughts out loud without realizing it.

He engages in martial arts, fencing and archery in his spare time, as well as playing online games. He often daydreams about games and his recreational activities, causing his learned techniques to change into his own style of fighting, to the dismay of his instructors. As a result of his training/gaming, he possesses extremely quick reflexes, co-ordination, speed and great concentration. However, he lacks physical strength despite exercising. His vivid imagination causes him to be distracted easily and often loses track of things going around him.

He has dissociative identity disorder, with his alternate personality being a quieter, more serious serious and sadistic version of him. However, his alternate personality rarely surfaces; usually in situations when he feels threatened or when he's extremely drunk. A sign of surfacing is the heterochromia in his right eye gaining a slight blue tinge. He prefers to keep quiet about his alternate personality though, but can only remember about half of what happens during the shift in control.

Obligatory bonus (bogus?) backstory: Aevum's last name came from his mother who died while giving birth to him. She wore a green dress and is his memento of his deceased mother (I butchered pronunciation of "green" to make that last name). However, nothing is known of his birth father. He currently lives with a generous middleclassmandoctor, Alonzo Medina, who adopted him and raised him as his own.

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