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Kacchi 01-08-2012 11:15 AM

Name: Maya
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Merchant
Height: 4’10” (147.32 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (49.9 kg)
Eyes: Yellow-green
Hair: Black
Notes: Travels with a band of performers and merchants from distant lands.


Maya gained her darker toned skin from her father’s Indian roots, while her black hair derives from both sides of her lineage. Her eyes are a mysterious yellow-green color that is even a mystery to her parents. She is a small girl with a small build, easily hidden under the sand-colored robes that she’s accustomed to wearing as she travels with the caravan. The only jewelry she owns is the sapphire necklace that she hides most of the time under her clothes. It’s usually easy for her to be mistaken as a little boy when she hides herself under her clothes.

Homemaker: This character loves to provide material comforts for its loved ones. Whether cooking, building, repairing, sewing, designing, childrearing, caring for the ill or infirm, or tidying up, they take pride and comfort in their domestic accomplishments.
Maya was born into the life of a poor merchant and his wife. Although they managed to stay afloat, there were many times where they sacrificed just to bring Maya up healthily. Because of this, Maya has always respected and heeded the morals of her mother and father. She quickly learned how to help either around the house or with the selling of items. She has learned to be cheerful, despite her disposition, but she still envies other girls in the caravan and is upset by her lack of appeal and her young age. She wishes she were older and could be a dancer, but her father refuses to hear such nonsense. Her worse nightmare is being under her father’s reign her whole life. Although she loves and cares for her family, she wishes her father was more lenient. She continues to wait for that day.

History: Maya’s father was a merchant from India whose caravan was robbed when he was younger. As he was left to rot in the dry heat, Maya’s mother found him, nursed him back to health, and fell in love with him almost instantly. When Maya was born, they had already moved into their current caravan, living the best they could. It wasn’t until Maya turned 13 that she realized her ability by accident by using it on her mother. Although it was a small illusion, Maya’s father never fully trusted her after that day, keeping a closer watch on her after that day.

Equipment: Maya doesn’t carry much on her person except her necklace and whatever she can fit in the pouch she carries on her wrist.

Abilities: Maya has the ability to create illusions through a form of astral projection. She can also convey slight emotions and memories while a person is awake or sleeping. However, she’s required to have skin-to-skin contact. Once the bond has been made, the residual imprint can also help her figure out where the person is within a small radius. This ability is highly unstable because she hasn’t been trained, but it seems to be tied to her emotions. She has also studied a couple books on chakra and the pressure points of the body, so she can barely defend herself against attack.

Random quirks?:
- She constantly apologizes when she messes up
-She can eat almost anything, no matter how well or poorly made it is
-Her lack of knowledge on certain subjects causes her to become embarrassed, although she is intrigued
-She has a weakness for anything cute, human, non-human, or inanimate

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