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Default Shiri

Name: Shiri
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Fortune Teller/Performer
Height: 5'1"
Weight: Why are you asking a woman for her weight!?
Eyes: Deep brown/almost black
Hair: Black
Notes: Travels with a band of performers and merchants from distant lands. Besides her talent in fortune telling she's pretty ordinary.

Appearance: Shiri has deep olive skin and long flowing hair that reaches down to her mid back. She wears colourful dresses and robes akin to her fellow dancers who travel with the caravan. Both her ears are pierced and what hangs from both are large golden hoop earrings decorated with ruby and sapphire. Her hands are decorated with many matching rings as well as the bangles on her wrists. She has a voluptious body which is somewhat amusing considering she has a bit of a childish face.

Personality/Character: Probably one of the more logical people in her caravan, there is almost always some sort of crazy shenanigans going on with her fellow performers and what they do in town when they stop. She's usually the one who says "I think this might be a bad idea..." or "I told you it was a bad idea" and occasionally "You all do whatever you want. If something happens it won't be my problem". Besides this Shiri is usually nice to just about everyone she meets until they show disrespect towards her. Once this happens she'll be unbelievably harsh and cynacle towards the poor soul and even push them into things and people. I guess if you stay on her good side you should be okay. Mostly okay.

History: She's been with the caravan for just about her entire life, what with her parents also having been part of it before they died to illness. Her life with the caravan has been a mix of eventful to just flat out repetitive so she isn't so sure where she stands in that regard anymore. For the caravan she does mainly scrying whenever they set up in towns. Her origins can be traced back to the far east (however, both her parents are native to the country).

Equipment: When she's not performing simple grey robes so she doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in town. Otherwise her performer's outfit which adds +10 to her sexy stat (teehee). Shiri also carries a knife that she keeps strapped to her right leg in case of emergencies.

Abilities: Besides her dancing ability, she is known by people as a talented scryer. Her predictions have been mostly spot on unlike a good number of other fortune tellers. She cannot control cosmos energies, but simply because she hadn't been trained to do so. If she does have any compatibility with it nobody really knows. She can cook but she's known to cook some really weird things. You'd think it would taste bad, but it actually tastes good. She can wield a knife but isn't exactly an expert with blades.

Random quirks?:
-She wrinkles her nose whenever she's frustrated or annoyed. Childhood habit
-Tends to stick her nose up in the air in triumph
-A bit of a klutz, watch her trip over on her own feet
-She doesn't trust angels one bit, and she's a bit iffy with Nephilim
-The name Shiri (שׁירי) means "my song" in Hebrew

Mostly copypasta, sobs.

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