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Myth in Lunia... (really ranty)

Posted 05-04-2009 at 12:28 PM by Zinc210
is Lame. I enjoy playing my Lime very much, and I was anxious to try myth. At 65, i did bonus. Bonus is stupid. Everything cant be stopped unless you kill with obscene damage skills. I try to transform, i get interrupted because a 2 second cast time is like, a decade when it comes to Lunia. When i do transform, I'm impervious to hit stun and all that, and the only thing that fazes Lime is hard knock downs. Guess what? almost all enemies tend to have it, meaning the lvl 60 form is pretty much useless because it is so damn slow. So i do non-transform stuff. Lime's good skills take about 1.6 seconds to cast... yeah... so i try to cast my RB sticky jellies/shiny shung and WHOOPS interrupted by something that can attack at the speed of sound. >.> So I'm useless in Bonus, oh well, time to move on. Lime is too slow for bonus. Bonus 2, cant get there cause bonus 1 is so damn badly designed for certain characters...

Now i get to 70. I get my stuff, my guild leader gives me items to get the neato accessories, and i get the kingdom cape and gloves, giving me about 1.2k strangth off the bat. We do myth, he teaches me the ropes and do a party. It went by easily because we went with 3 other lvl 75+ people. SO i thought, hey, myth is pretty fun.

But i guess thats the first impression when the other 4 members can anally rape everything with their 1.5k~2k strength, while you sit back and contribute peanut damage (well compared to theirs) to the mobs of enemies.

After more runs, Myth is just as Lame as bonus in design. Combos are non-existent, and monsters are huge masses of pixels crammed in a ridiculously tiny hallway. I do what I hear other Limes do. I spit my jellies, fire my Shiny Shung, and use Pang Lime and Cool Pang transformations.

and THAT'S IT. I'm down to using only 4 skills that actually do anything... The only reason Pang and Cool pang do any decent damage is because their A and S button attacks benefit from the Strength % bonus (which surprised me), but that hardly solves the problem.

The monsters are stupid. Their attacks have misleading and ridiculous range, and half of them either can stun lock you, are make you fly half a hall way in the opposite direction. Well damn, hard knock backs... and they even launch you just by WALKING into you. They dont even move that fast to be able to launch someone that far >.> then they just spam their AoE attacks with hax range until either them or their buddy stun locks you or run you into a corner where no characters save for 1 or 2 of them can get out.

SO you can flinch them with knock down attacks, ok, so I spam my rb kungkungi. It would work, but APPARENTLY the second hop doesnt flinch them and leaves them to ram me at 4 miles an hour and launch me down the hall, or stun lock me. Then suddenly, i get hit by something, i teleport half the hallway away then back to my position. What is that? Bonus did that too. Geez. Then they counter.. Negating the hit and doing an un-interruptable attack. That's fine, but they do it way too often IMO, especially if you're fighting a group. At least one of them is gonna counter >.>

To make it worse, it seems like physical damage is cut in HALF, meaning even if I maxed RB kungkungi, the damage will be mere peanuts. Wabang is horribly ineffective because its best damaging attack doesnt flinch them (strangely, its PHYSICAL damage isnt halved), and his knock down attack is horrible slow and does not benefit from the % increase from strength. His S button freezes and benefits from Strength damage, but the way it was designed made it near useless. You would THINK they would change it, but from what experience, MMO programmers enjoy neglecting things that obviously need to be changed. Then when they change em, it takes months for it to reach the version I'm playing.

Cool Pang ONLY works when someone tanks the mobs because its horribly slow, and the "I WALK INTO YOU AND LAUNCH U LOLOL" design of the enemies. Ice Wall works, but NO ONE wants to play that way. Why? I dont know. It works very nicely, everyone gets to attack without being spam bait and getting fed beads from the Eir, and its not like we are scarce on MAGES or anything with their broken as hell Fury of Land rebirth skill. Non-transformed, i spit my beads and my shung. I cant use Pang Lime Shung. It doesnt benefit from strength... I cant use RRT, because it lures away from the tank/voker. It gets interrupted even with the small amount of invincibility frames anyway, so there's really no point in using it unless 1 enemy remains or something.

So in conclusion, I'm limited to using 4 skills that give any decent results. To make things worse, 75% of the parties kick me. Yay. Lunia was once fun, now its just full of Lame-ness at end game. Maybe the cooldown reductions that give Lime the ability to stay transformed all the time will help, but i have a feeling we wont be getting that for another month.

I just had to vent. Cause this is just ridiculous. ALLM seems to not think things through when they design stages now. I will try to myth every once in a while, but its just a mass of disappointment because my favorite character is so disadvantaged there.

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Tags: lime, lunia, myth
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