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Abandoned blog, since I am working on LN translations now.
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Light Novel: Kakikake no Love-Letter (oneshot, part two)

Posted 02-25-2011 at 07:12 AM by zgmfx19a
Updated 02-25-2011 at 07:36 AM by zgmfx19a
Continued from Part One

That's the best short summary I can squeeze out Kakikake no Love-Letter, which should be translated as "The Incomplete Love-Letter". I felt it still does injustice to the wonderful plot the single volume story has to offer, particular the details of the romance of Yukio x Madoka and Hashimoto x Michiko, but that will require me writing page long essays, in which it will be better off with me translating the whole text.

What I've enjoyed about this story is that compared to a lot of other LNs out there, the romance in this is obviously more realistic than the dreamy unrealistic ones we get from the over-done teenage harem fare. Of course, admittedly the romance are still rather smooth sailing as compared to real-life ones, but hey, it is a romance story.

I think the author doing the romance spanning from their high-school years right into their university lives probably struck a chord with me as well, as I am into my second year in the university. Despite focusing on the slightly infuriating relationship of Yukio and Madoka, the author did not neglect the romance of Hashimoto and Michiko as well, which I felt was really well done for secondary plot, and it flowed seamlessly together along the main branch.

The friendship Yukio shared with Michiko, Hashimoto and Itou, the secondary theme of the story, showed Yukio's growth from a rather reclusive person to one who enjoys company of his close friends. Obviously, Michiko is there to create friction for his relation with Madoka. It is a simple but well done premise in my book.

The other side theme, that of Madoka's father, provided some bitterness and emotional impact to the story. It didn't quite had the power to make readers cry, it lent enough scenarios that tugged the strings of my heart a little. Madoka's ignorance of her step-father being her blood-related father and her dislike towards him, despite him having less than a year to live. The father's love of his daughter, but stopping short of revealing his true identity as he could not overcome the hurdle of forgiving himself abandoning her when she was young. Yukio's dilemma in choosing to keep the secret or to stop their relationship from worsening due to Madoka's unease and misunderstanding. All splendidly done.

The ending, in my opinion was done just right. It's a satisfying ending for a one-shot. His progression to kissing Madoka and sleeping with her by his side in the cold room (naked, but no sex) showed the readers that they are moving in the right direction slowly at their own pace. Madoka had also deepened her ties with Yukio by integrating into the tightly knitted group of four friends, expanding into five people.

Yukio not revealing the truth of Madoka's father even at the end stressed that he and her dad's drawing is not complete, flowing along with the title of the story. How he continue to work on the never-ending art work of his relationship with his friends and Madoka, is left entirely to the imagination of the readers.

All in all, it is a great story, and unexpectedly it came from the author of Zero no Tsukaima, something which I had found out only later and took me by surprise. Reading it is like eating dark chocolate - it leaves you with a satisfying feeling that has a hint of bitterness between the sweetness that is not overpowering. I am glad to have found this little gem, even if it is by random. Ending the novel within one book proved to be a great move, as it ignores the trap of being too long drawn, causing readers to lose interest in the story. For anyone who enjoys romance, try this title out if you can understand the work in either Japanese or Chinese.

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