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Abandoned blog, since I am working on LN translations now.
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Light Novels: Oreimo shorts

Posted 01-13-2011 at 10:37 PM by zgmfx19a
Updated 01-14-2011 at 02:39 AM by zgmfx19a
Aside from the 7 books, Oreimo actually had some other materials published as promos and stuff, so I'll just give them a brief run-down.

Taking Care of the House in the Rain
Source: Unknown

This takes place 1 month before the faithful incident. Kyousuke's parents are out to visit a funeral far away, and Kyousuke and Kirino are alone in the house. So yeah, basically, Kirino's a lot more touchy towards Kyousuke.

Interesting points/things that happened:
> They had lunch separately outside of the house. At dinner, Kyousuke commented that Kirino was she still in her make up despite there having no outsiders, which made Kirino pissed and she ignored him (not that they talked much to begin with...)
> Kirino was watching some TV show in the living room when Kyousuke entered. She hurriedly switched it off, which led to the suspicion of Kyousuke, and tsuns a little when Kyousuke asked her about it.
> Thunderstorm, blackout. Kirino's in shower and was kinda frightened. Apparently she's afraid of thunderstorms when she was young and cried back then.
> Kyousuke was about to leave the changing room but she stopped him. Kyousuke asked her why she stopped him, and she said "------ go", the first part covered off by lightning (don't go?). Power came back on, Kyousuke asked her to repeat what she said, she asked him to scram.
> 1 month later (now), they are looking after the house by themselves again. Kyousuke reminisce about the incident back then, and commented that he was that close to find out she was watching Meruru and using Meruru's body wash in the shower.

At a Certain Maid Cafe
Source: One of the 3 shorts from the drama CD

Kyousuke visited the usual maid cafe (Pretty Garden) with Kirino, Kuroneko and Saori. The maid Kyousuke saw there at the first time (Kirara, served him when Kirino went to meet Saori for the first time) was actually the sister of Kurara, Meruru's seiyuu.

Interesting points/things that happened:
> Kyousuke wanted to ask Kirara a "weird question", which was promptly answered by Kirara revealing her bust size. Kirino got all pissed (and jealous maybe). Kyousuke denied that he wanted to ask that question, only for Kirino to snapped at him, saying that he was ogling at Kirara's breasts. Kuroneko called him "... scum ...", while Saori asked why wouldn't Kyousuke look at hers instead if he is interested in big breasts.
> Kuroneko is a sis-con (???)

The memories of Valentine's Day
Source: One of the 3 shorts from the drama CD

Kyousuke went to help out Manami's family at the request of her Dad during Valentine's Day.

Interesting points/things that happened:
> Rock and Kyousuke both, until the moment that they've met, had gotten no chocolates from any girls.
> Manami made chocolates for both Kyousuke and Rock.
> Kyousuke met Ayase on his way back after finishing the stuff at Manami's. Ayase looked extremely unwell. Kyousuke offered to look after her despite her rejecting his offer.
> Kyousuke was requested by Ayase to taste the cookies that she was about to give to Kirino, which he finds delicious. Ayase was glad that he found it delicious.
> Kyousuke let it slipped that he was happy that Ayase gave him Valentine's chocolate, but was rejected by Ayase immediately, and threatened him to shut his mouth in front of Kirino.
> Ayase gave Kirino chocolate on the pretext of "friendship chocolate".
> Kirino teased Kyousuke about not letting Kyousuke taste Ayase's cookies. Kyousuke was indifferent about it, and was about to leave when he was stopped by Kirino.
> Kirino talked about how delicious her hand-made chocolate was when Ayase tasted it (and Ayase ate all), and how Kyousuke would love to eat it, but she wouldn't give any to him since Ayase ate it all.
> Kyousuke commented to Kirino that she should grow fat from the chocolates, and was about to open the door when Kirino threw a weird shaped chocolate at his head. Then she went back to her room and shut herself in.
> Chocolate looked bad and tasted like charcoal. Just when he was rolling about on the floor in pain, Kirino came out and asked him what happened. Kyousuke said nothing, saying that the chocolate was delicious. Kirino left happily, and Kyousuke went back into suffering

Ayase's Counseling - The Embarassing Chapter
Source: Last of the 3 shorts from the drama CD

Interesting points/things that happened:
> Kyousuke and Ayase are at the park, with Ayase wanting to talk to Kyousuke about the recent behaviours of Kirino.
> Recounted scene 1: Kirino was happily exchanging sms with an unknown person. Ayase asked her who the person is. Kirino gave an answer, but Ayase believed her to be lying.
Kyousuke was frightened by Ayase's tone when she concluded that. He asked if it could be a boyfriend Kirino got, which Ayase promptly denied.
> Recounted scene 2: Ayase let out a cold smile and asked Kirino who the sender really is. Kanako interrupted and advised Kirino to come clean. Ayase told Kanako to leave, then returned to Kirino with a cold smile. "You'll explain to me clearly, right? ......We both, are friends right?"
Kyousuke found Ayase to be scary. Ayase concluded it was a new girl friend of Kirino, which seems to be a interactive game character.
> Ayase complained that Kirino has been obsessed with it lately, and was saying the girl was cute and all while hanging out with Ayase. She cried (fake prolly), and Kyousuke offered to help her hastily.
> Back at his house, Kyousuke asked Kirino about the new game she is interested in, and said he is interested in it as well. Game's called LoveTouch (Love Plus???).
> After a while, Kyousuke was forced to play the game, since Kirino "wants someone who's playing the game to talk to".
> Change of scene, Kyousuke was declaring his love for the game character when Manami stammered and asked what he was doing. Manami was angry at him when Kyousuke said that it was none of her business.
> At the park, Ayase lectured Kyousuke for being engrossed with the girl in the game (Manami told her). Kyousuke said it was for Ayase's sake, as he wants to "know the enemy better".
> At Kyousuke's room, Kyousuke was talking about LoveTouch with Ayase. He commented how the girl looked similar to Ayase. Kyousuke went on to demonstrate the game to Ayase, and flirted with the girl. Ayase hit him when the girl let off an ecchi sound.
> Kyousuke suggested that Ayase copy the girl's actions and sentences to gain back Kirino's attention.
> They practiced for a while, but Ayase was complaining how she cannot say the lines to Kyousuke, especially the part where she confessed.
> At the park, Ayase complained to Manami about how she was "humiliated sexually". Somehow, the topic was on how Manami should practice the lines so that she will not lose Kyousuke to the game girl.
> Next day, Manani tried it on Kyousuke, Kyousuke found it disgusting.
> Ayase tried the lines on Kirino, Kirino found her extremely strange. Ayase left crying.
> This is the reason Kyousuke was blacklisted by Ayase.

Memories of the Fallen Sage
Source: DVD/BD Limited Edition promo

Told by Kuroneko's point of view as she talked about the very first meeting with Saori and Kirino. There's nothing much to talk about since most of it is from her point of view back then, though she is rather cute. Readers gained more insight into her personality back then. How much she had grown. It will be better if I translate the whole text, but it is the longest out of all the short, and I am kinda lazy. =/

Well, that's it.

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  1. holhemhiem's Avatar
    Sweet! Thanks again Neko-san for this awesome summaries.

    Ayase is soo moe on this one. Doing everything for the girl she likes. Tho she probably suffered the same fate as Kyousuke after eating the chocolates. Poor girl >.> Kyousuke deserves that for ignoring Manami *hmft*

    Do you have a copy of the drama CDs? cuz I want to hear Manami's voice :>
    Posted 01-14-2011 at 12:22 AM by holhemhiem holhemhiem is offline
  2. zgmfx19a's Avatar
    Nope, don't have em.
    Posted 01-14-2011 at 12:36 AM by zgmfx19a zgmfx19a is offline
  3. Kotarou's Avatar
    Hey hey, thanks for these, enjoyed reading them.
    Posted 01-14-2011 at 04:29 AM by Kotarou Kotarou is offline
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