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Abandoned blog, since I am working on LN translations now.
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Light Novels: Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (6 books, Ongoing)

Posted 11-20-2010 at 09:32 PM by zgmfx19a
Updated 11-20-2010 at 09:38 PM by zgmfx19a

High school Kurogane Taito used to be an ambitious boy who is very talented in karate. However, an accident caused him to suffer a permanent injury to his leg, and he can no longer do karate anymore. As such, he resigned himself to fate, and with the help and company of childhood friend Shigure Haruka, lived an uneventful and ordinary life up till now.

Recently, he had been having dreams of a young girl calling out to him in his dreams, and had been feeling groggy no matter how much he slept. On his way back home, he saved school idol Andou Mirai from being hit by an incoming truck, but was killed instead.

However, memories of an incident 9 years ago came flooding back to his mind, and a curse<magic> that has been placed upon him back then had reactivated again. He cannot die unless he was killed 7 times within 900 seconds, and he remembered the name of the young girl who was wiped away from his memory. The girl who gave him the curse to bind him to her forever. The girl who sacrificed herself back then to prevent his 7th death, and was thus captured by a young boy of the name of Hinata. The girl who is not human, but is actually a vampire - his childhood love, Himea. Thus after his body healed itself from the death blow, Taito began to look for ways to rescue the girl whom he has forgotten for 9 long years, all these while waiting for his re-awakening while suffering from pain and torture.

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (gonna call it Usagi for short) is another Light novel series from Takaya Kagami (author of Legend of Legendary Heroes), and he is my main reason for trying the novel out without having any background knowledge on what is it about. And I am not disappointed. Illustrations are done by Yuu Kamiya, who is a pretty good artist, and have done mangas like "Greed Pack Unlimited". He's illustrations is definitely much better than Saori Toyota of LoLH.

This series is basically an action/magical/fantasy story set in the current world, although that is not exactly right, since it involves many places of alternate dimensions as well. However, due to Taito's relatively weak abilities and powers compared to the other characters that will appear in the novels later (both "good" and "evil"), it also has the element of "gain new ability -> power-up" shounen feel.

The writing style of Usagi is similar to LoLH. Short sentences and paragraphs. A seemingly light hearted start, but soon enough mysteries start to appear quick and fast. It worked in LoLH for me, and it worked again. By the end of book 4 (where the novels are translated up till), there are so many unknowns thrown at the readers that you can't help but feel that things are gonna get huge again, and that the author has barely scratched the surface of the whole mess.

The novel focuses on 3 characters: Taito, Himea and Kurenai Gekkou, who is actually the elder twin of Hinata. Gekkou had a personal feud with Hinata, since Hinata killed their parents when they were young, and told Gekkou he will come for his life 9 years later. Currently, the 3, together with Gekkou's minion Mirai, has unofficially forged an alliance, and was getting quite close to each other. However, Gekkou's agenda is still a mystery, and so is Himea's dark past. And going by the prophecies that are revealed up till now and LoLH's track records, we may once again get a time-bomb ticking away between Taito&Himea vs Gekkou&Mirai.

The relationship between the main characters are also a thing to take note in the novels. Gekkou and Mirai shared a master-and-slave relationship, and while Mirai irritated Gekkou to no end with her hyper-activeness, Gekkou has also seemed to taken interest in her, although nothing concrete is shown as of yet. Gekkou has also viewed Taito and Himea as valuable partners of his, but the prophecies suggest that all these may just be the calm before the storm.

Most interestingly however, is Taito and Himea's relationship. Officially, Himea is Taito's master, but she loved him so much the master-and-servant relationship does not seem to exist between the two. And while Taito still loved Himea, the 9 long years without memories of her had made him felt awkward towards Himea's affection towards him (believe me, Himea is so dere-dere it makes me HHHNNNNGGGGGG so damn hard). Within that time, Taito has also developed some feelings for Haruka, and with Haruka holding another hidden identity, a really complicated love triangle is brewing and waiting to happen.

Overall, it is a rather interesting read. While it lacks the epicness and grandness offered by LoLH since this is high-school based, it has enough mysteries to keep me interested in the novels. An anime adaptation for it has also been announced. I am waiting for it eagerly, but the fact that Usagi is an ongoing novel series (i think) also made me wonder how are they going to do the anime, especially when the novels have not reached an end yet. There is also a manga adaptation done by illustrator Yuu Kamiya himself, though the releases are slow and the scanlations are still at book 1 of the novels.

Till later.

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  1. Crimsonred's Avatar
    This is getting a anime adaptation, rejoice!
    Posted 04-18-2011 at 01:11 AM by Crimsonred Crimsonred is offline
  2. zgmfx19a's Avatar
    I am having mixed views about its animation.

    For one, I do like the novels enough to want it to be animated.

    But on the other hand, it is Zexcs who is gonna animate it. I remember some random person on the net mentioning that Zexcs is notorious for coming up with their own ends instead of being faithful to the source material. Their previous Takaya Kagami works, LoLH, ended rather poorly. And while they gave LoLH improved character designs, this looks like the reverse for Itsu-ten.

    Ionno. There should only be enough material out for now to give it a single season run, and that should put it somewhere near the end of volume four. However, volume four is just the end of an arc, and there there are plots that left you hanging. If they pulled out some bullshit original end, I'll rage.
    Posted 04-20-2011 at 09:02 AM by zgmfx19a zgmfx19a is offline
  3. Crimsonred's Avatar
    Alot of Manga's/LN's have been ruined by anime original ends.
    I will rage if it happens yet again...
    Posted 04-20-2011 at 09:31 AM by Crimsonred Crimsonred is offline
  4. zgmfx19a's Avatar
    Another point is that personally, after reading the novels, I feel that Takaya Kagami's works are comparatively harder to be adapted into anime works as compared to other light novels.

    The worlds he had painted in the novels had quite a lot of details in them, but some of them are hard, if not impossible to animate.

    That is made worse by Zexcs' habit to change/omit details. Ryner's important explanation of how magic works in LoLH's world is omitted, which would otherwise explains the "plot hole" of why spells cannot be copied easily amongst countries. Don't get me started on how they had nerfed the strength of Lieral and Sion in the last few episodes, which caused me to rage. Up till LoLH, Lieral can quite possibly be the strongest "human character" in the whole book back then. But that point was not even portrayed properly.

    Itsu-ten is somewhat similar in that aspect, so......
    Posted 04-20-2011 at 09:58 AM by zgmfx19a zgmfx19a is offline
  5. Crimsonred's Avatar
    True, and although not entirely the same.
    After reading the To Aru novels, I found that some explanations were omitted in the anime as well as some things that would help to explain some character's motives.
    Example being the last episode of S2 where Hazamura Shiage appears, in the novel he was trying to let mikoto's mother escape while faking her death to the higher ups, although Touma ruined his plan (Accelerator too) and he was so frustrated he tried to really kill mikoto's mother.
    While in the anime, he seemed like a random pawn of aleister's...
    Also the To Aru anime liked to leave lot's of questions as to what happened to the villians after their defeat... (While making it look as though they died...)
    Anime always has this problem due to the time limit they have in each episode and how hard it is to fit tons of monologue without boring the viewers(some people just don't care )
    Posted 04-20-2011 at 10:49 AM by Crimsonred Crimsonred is offline
    Updated 04-20-2011 at 10:53 AM by Crimsonred
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