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Abandoned blog, since I am working on LN translations now.
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Light Novel: Oreimo book 7 - Summary and thoughts [Part 2]

Posted 11-15-2010 at 06:20 AM by zgmfx19a
Updated 01-03-2011 at 06:47 AM by zgmfx19a
Spoilers ahead.

Part 1 here: /forum/blogs/zgmfx19...ts-part-1.html

Chapter 4
- After the sales, still early, decided to walk around comiket
- Decided to check out a booth called EBS, whose logo looks like those of Enterna (some famous makeup and accessories company in book)
- Kyousuke nearly went hard at the trap Akagi-sis mentioned (trap's a promoter at booth)
- Gets along well because they are fellow cosplayer
- Guy selling intricate handmade jewelry at 500 yen
- Saori's thinking about something regarding the jewelry the bracelets, Kuroneko is interested
- Kyousuke asked if Kuroneko likes these things, Kuroneko said yes
- Kuroneko hesitated with a thousand yen bill in her hand
- Kyousuke paid for the jewelry
- Kuroneko asked him what's he doing, he said he is clearing his change
- Kuroneko accepted it
- trap asked Kyousuke to put it on for Kuroneko
- Kyousuke stuttered, Kuroneko looked at him emotionally
- Saori suddenly popped up, Kyousuke looked around for Kirino, saw her standing at a distance, looking tensed
- Turn out Kirino and trap knows each other (gonna call him Trap for now, don't know name in jap pronunciation)
- Kirino and Trap both revealed their otaku secrets
- Trap is some famous designer and stuff for Enterna, and his passion for designing stems from anime
- Trap is 18 (3 years older than Kirino)
- Trap and Kirino got along well
- Kyousuke felt his role as Kirino's support in otaku areas is slowly shaking in the presence of Trap
- Next day, Kuroneko commented that Kyousuke looks down, and guessed the reason correctly (about Trap having the ability to replace him if he is Kirino's boyfriend)
- Kyousuke was surprised why Kuroneko knew
- Kuroneko said she was always observing him
- Kyousuke said he may get the wrong idea, Kuroneko didn't mind
- Kyousuke asked if Kuroneko liked him, Kuroneko said yes
- "I like you... no matter how much your sister likes you, I will not lose to her in that area."
- Kyousuke started to ask her about the kiss she gave him back then
- Before he gets answer, Kirino came in suddenly, looked at them coldly, and ask them to enter the house
- As they enter, Kuroneko said to Kyousuke that she has been thinking
- She has no idea what to do, whatever choices she makes she will regret, and never felt that lost
- However, she has decided to be truthful to her own desires, and to be greedy, because if "it is that woman, she'll definitely not let go both sides"
- Kyousuke could not understand her
- Kuroneko said she will not hold back anymore, and will strive in her own methods to gain acceptance and the what she felt was the best results
- In the room, awkward aura
- Both Kyousuke and Saori puzzled
- Kirino suddenly made an announcement: she is going out with Trap, and has kissed
- Kirino taunted Kuroneko by asking her if she has anything to say. Kuroneko stormed out of the house
- Kyousuke decided to ask Kirino about the boyfriend instead of going after Kuroneko
- Kirino said their relationship started after she came back to Japan, and the manager introduced Trap to her
- Kyousuke asked her if she had thought about it seriously
- Kirino said there is nothing much to consider. Unlike someone, Trap has the credentials: Rich, good looking, capable, gets along well with her, share the same interests, and swore that he will not stray after being her boyfriend. He also listens to her and respect her
- Kyousuke wanted to say "do as you please", but swallowed his words, and instead said "I don't care"
- Kirino stormed into her room
- Kyousuke apologised to Saori, Saori made him promise he will settle the issue
- August 17th, Kirino brought Trap home
- Mother likes him, Father went into his own room
- Kyousuke is hostile towards Trap
- Kirino slapped him and made him go away
- Kyousuke went into Father's room, talked about the boyfriend
- Father doesn't like Trap as well, resisting the urge to punch him
- Kyousuke asked Father what is his ideal picture of Kirino's boyfriend, Father described a man similar to himself (Father)
- Father objects the relationship no matter what, giving reasons such as Kirino is too young, etc
- Kyousuke went back out, told Kirino he does not wish for her to go out with any other guys
- Kirino asked why
- Kyousuke said he is not too sure, but maybe it is because he does not feel good to see his own sister being snatched away by an unknown guy
- He continued saying he has no rights to stop her, and even though he is unwilling, the decision still rest on her
- Kirino said that it's too late
- Kyousuke asked Trap if he likes Kirino, Trap said very much, and he respected her
- Kyousuke said he will not hand over Kirino to him
- He said he values Kirino more than Trap
- Trap asked if he will not let Kirino go should the boyfriend be unstatisfactory
- Kyousuke said yes, and that no matter how capable Trap is, he still worries about Kirino
- Silence
- Kirino said that Kyousuke should not be talking when he has Manami and Kuroneko, gave him a slap
- Threw juice and cake at Kyousuke, bursting out in anger
- Shouted that going out with Trap is a lie, and she has not kissed anyone yet
- Trap said mission accomplished, and he was requested to be a "fake boyfriend" by Kirino
- Trap said Kirino is probably doing all these to gain the attention of Kyousuke, but was promptly denied by Kirino
- Kyousuke stroked Kirino's head, Kirino cried
- Mother came back from buying some stuff, shocked at scene
- Asked Kyousuke that "Didn't you know there are some things you cannot do?"
- "Can it be that you have finally moved on your sister?"
- Turns out neighbor saw them on their fake date, holding hands at the bus stop, suspected if it is a love triangle happening between siblings, and will absolutely not allow it
- Punched Kyousuke
- More explanations
- Turn out Trap has already liked someone else (2D > 3D)
- All went well, Kirino made up with Kuroneko later
- Kyousuke called Ayase to tell her Kirino has no boyfriend
- Kyousuke asked Ayase why she had the photobooth pictures when he had hidden all
- Ayase asked if he seen the photobooth pictures Kirino threw at him carefully, Kyousuke said no
- Call ended, Kyousuke is puzzled
- Kyousuke is called out by Kuroneko the next day to meet at the back of the school compounds
- Wearing the white sundress she wore at the comiket
- Kyousuke asked whether she made up with Kirino, Kuroneko said yes
- Asked about the content of their chat,
- Kuroneko said it's a secret
- Kuroneko said she is going to undo her "curse" on him
- Both went shy
- Kuroneko said she can no longer break the curse
- Kyousuke asked her why, since the curse wuill be broken once "her wish is fulfilled"
- Kuroneko said that that is the truth, but it does not mean that the curse will disappear, instead a more powerful curse will replace the old one
- <<And then, Kuroneko said out the world's most powerful, most ancient and most scary curse of all.>>
- "Please go steady with me."

- A few days later
- Me and Kuroneko, we became lovers

As you can see, most of the drama came from the final chapter.

This volume basically has a lot less humor and more tension between the 3 characters: Kyousuke, Kirino and Kuroneko.

For one, being the Kuroneko fan that I am, I am quite pleased with how the story is turning out. However, I can't help but have a feeling that this is just a plot device for Kuroneko to be sacrificed in order to reach the Kirino-END. And also, one can't help but feel that Kyousuke is being a player here, with interests in Ayase (a little), Kuroneko and Kirino. It is quite obvious which side he is leaning more though. And that, I predict, will definitely come back to hurt Kuroneko.

On the other hand, upon witnessing the reactions of their parents, I don't really know how they are going to walk down the incest route, since the resistance will be huge.

There is the possibility of Kyousuke realising that he loved Kirino, but their relationship is impossible. Some drama with Kuroneko perhaps, before he finally realise he likes Kuroneko just as much and settles with her (ala Ichigo 100%).

One thing is for sure though. Whatever little doubts we may have regarding Kirino's feelings towards Kyousuke is all answered. She is a brocon through and through. However, her one major weakness is that she cannot balance the tsun and the dere well enough, and does not know when to be truthful when she should. In the end, she ends up hurting herself a lot, and allowing Kuroneko to get her hands on the ultimate prize for now. If she could took a page off Kuroneko's books and be more honest, things may go differently.

Kyousuke has definitely developed feelings for Kirino as well, but while most will think that it is an incestuous love brewing between them, I think his actions can also be seen as a brother who is overly protective of his sister, and is thus confusing the hell out of Kirino and Kuroneko. All his speech about not wanting Kirino to have a boyfriend, then accepting Kuroneko's confession, will be a blow to Kirino that will hurt. I've no idea what Kirino will do in this situation, but given her track records, I doubt it will be something smart. Kyousuke being extremely dense does not really help matters.

The author also tossed in some new mysteries as well. Aside from Kirino's secret stash of items, the reason for their bad relationship, we now have the chat between Kuroneko and Kirino, Kuroneko's rather cryptic words, and the photobooth picture Ayase shown.

I've got a bad feeling regarding the first two. Kuroneko may have been just doing this to sacrifice herself for Kirino and Kyousuke, being the kind girl that she is. I'll hate that if it happens. For once, I wish that she will be selfish, just as she had told Kyosuke.

That's all.

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  1. holhemhiem's Avatar
    Thanks Neko-sama, very good summary =]

    argg, drama.. Parents interfering with them and Kyousuke accepting Kuroneko's confession. Unless the author pulls the "non-blood-related" card, wincest ending is pretty much impossible right now. But, I have this feeling that Kirino will do something huge just do achieve her ending.

    and, Kyousuke is the possessive type of guy. Clearly shown when Akagi tried to borrow the Manami look-alike porn from Kyousuke. I won't be surprised if he pulls a harem ending on this one LOL
    Posted 11-16-2010 at 12:08 AM by holhemhiem holhemhiem is offline
  2. zgmfx19a's Avatar
    Right. I was looking for the word. Possessive. He is certainly possessive towards Manami and Kirino. Especially when he friendzones Manami, but can't accept her having a boyfriend as well.

    I still can't think of anything that Kirino can do that will make their parents accept the incest end, if that ever happens. Things are really going against her for now. If the author pulled out the "non-blood related" card, it will suck big time, and I will definitely rage at that.

    I can't really see a harem end either. Kyousuke's not that awesome to deserve it too.

    For me, it's either blood-related wincest end, or Kuroneko end.
    Posted 11-16-2010 at 12:47 AM by zgmfx19a zgmfx19a is offline
  3. holhemhiem's Avatar
    Even I wouldn't be happy if the author pulls that card, but if its the only way to achieve Kirino's ending then I'll gladly accept it.

    I think Kyousuke is awesome imho. He's the only guy I know that would shout: "I'm not lolicon, I'm a siscon" to his sister LOLOL
    Posted 11-16-2010 at 11:23 PM by holhemhiem holhemhiem is offline
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