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Abandoned blog, since I am working on LN translations now.
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Light Novel: Oreimo book 7 - Summary and thoughts [Part 1]

Posted 11-15-2010 at 05:56 AM by zgmfx19a
Updated 11-15-2010 at 06:36 AM by zgmfx19a
Spoilers as always, do not read if you do not want to be spoilt.

Glorious Chinese sites. Only 5 days since the official release of Oreimo 7, and they have already speed translated the whole book. I tip my hat at their ruthless efficiency.

So, below are the summary of the book. This book has 4 chapters btw. Ignore the grammar and stuff. I didn't really bothered.

Chapter 1
- Kyousuke and Kirino on a date
- Kirino asking Kyousuke to be her pretend boyfriend
- Reason is to reject her modeling agency's request to send her overseas
- Manager asked her to go attend an event, Kirino didn't want to go, Kyousuke blurted that they are on a date tomorrow and can't make it
- Kirino said after a phone call she's got intel that manager may stalk her tomorrow to confirm if it is true
- Went on date, Kirino went tsun and said she was unwilling
- Met Manami on street, Manami shocked that they are on a date
- Kyousuke tried explaining, Kirino pulled him away, was very happy that Manami was shocked
- Went to cinema
- Watched anime movie after Kyousuke rejected Kirino's suggestion of a romance movie
- Went to a cake shop, saw a special lover set on menu, Kirino and Kyousuke find it too embarrassing to order it.
- Met Kanoko and Bridget
- Kanoko did not recognize Kyousuke, Bridget asked the pair why are they lovers
- Kirino said Kyousuke is gentle and dependable, but whispered to Kyousuke and said it is just a bluff
- Kirino waits for Kyousuke's answer in anticipation, Kyousuke went blabbing on how his life is more colorful after meeting her, how he is impressed with her tenacity
- Kirino got pissed
- Kanoko felt that they don't seem like lovers
- Pair went to arcade
- Took photos at a couple only photo booth, with a love frame
- Saw Kuroneko, who is shocked
- Kuroneko ask what they are doing, Kirino calls Kyousuke intimately, says they are on a date, and left happily
- Went home, Kirino got a call from manager, manager has given up
- Kirino asked Kyousuke what he thought about the date in a haughty manner
- Kyousuke got pissed, said that Kirino should be happy he sacrificed himself
- Kirino complained that he is not perfect
- Kyousuke said if she wants to complain, do it to her real boyfriend
- Kirino said isn't Kyousuke her boyfriend today?
- Kyousuke answered "a fake boyfriend"
- Kirino slapped him, and said she should have got her real boyfriend to do it instead
- Tossed the photos at Kyousuke and left coldly

Chapter 2
- Went to Ayase's house upon receiving a call from her
- Kyousuke happily agreed
- At her room, Ayase handcuffed Kyousuke, said he's a pervert and she does not feel safe
- Asked Kyousuke why is he dating with Kirino yesterday, and reminded him what she will do if he hits on Kirino
- Showed him photo-booth pictures of him and Kirino
- Explanation
- After some persuasion, she released Kyousuke
- Upon leaving the room to bring in tea, she cuffed Kyousuke to bed again, reason being she's afraid Kyousuke will take her panties and play with it
- Comes back, explained it is Manami who told her
- Ayase told Kyousuke she liked him a little when they first met, but she hate him now, although not as much as compared to the past
- Kyousuke asked Ayase if Kirino has a boyfriend
- Ayase choked Kyousuke in shock
- More explanation of what happened at home
- Ayase didn't know of any, said Kirino wouldn't like any boys from their school since she prefers guys that are at least 3 years older
- Ayase requested Kyousuke to look into it
- Kyousuke went to game-programming club
- Awkward times with Kuroneko
- Decided to make a game for summer comiket
- On route back home, they broke the silence, Kyousuke explained to Kuroneko
- After that, chatted about how they haven't met Saori in a while, decided to meet up with her on 3rd day of comiket
- Went back home, told Saori about plan
- After finishing the chat, Akagi smsed Kyousuke
- He was hiding in his sister's closet
- Sister told Akagi she had a boyfriend
- Akagi went to her room to stalk
- Sis went back to room, cannot run in time, hid in her closet
- Shocked to see a SM suit in closet, Kyousuke reminded Akagi that he bought it himself
- Kyousuke asked Akagi what will he do if sister really have a boyfriend
- Akagi said he will kill/punch the boyfriend, out of jealousy and resentment
- Akagi still found by sister
- Kirino returned home after stipulated hours
- Kyousuke asked her where she went
- Kirino didn't answer, Kyousuke grabbed her by arm
- Kyousuke asked if Kirino really has a boyfriend
- Kirino complained her arms hurt, Kyousuke apologised and released her
- Kirino went from cold to happy, teased Kyousuke of his actions, said she will introduced boyfriend to him next time

Chapter 3
- Kuroneko and Saori went to Kyousuke's house to discuss about comiket
- Kirino not informed, shocked
- Kirino still agreed to go comiket readily
- Talks about the release of their own Maschera doujinshi
- Kirino writes story, Kuroneko and Saori do the art, Kyousuke provides cosplay pic of himself as the male MC of Maschera
- At first everyone was against Kyousuke cosplaying, but Kuroneko agreed after that in a tsun manner
- Kyousuke commented that he had not seen Kuroneko in non-cosplay casual clothes
- Kuroneko asked if he wanted to see it that badly, Kyousuke replied yes, Kuroneko said she will think about it
- Comiket 3rd day, they meet up at booth
- Kirino wearing the same revealing clothes she wore at last comiket
- Kuroneko showed up at a white sundress
- Kyousuke shocked at her beauty, heaped praises at her
- Kuroneko happy and blushes
- Kirino stunned
- She picked the dress for Kuroneko last weekend
- Kuroneko thanked her
- Kyousuke praised Kirino's taste
- Kirino said she took inspiration from H games
- Kirino muttered about the dress being meant to be worn today with a complex expression
- Kyousuke wondered why Kirino did not act herself and go all proud in her own taste
- Met Saori at booth
- Saori and Kyousuke suggested that Kirino look around comiket with Saori before it gets crowded and leave the stuff to him and Kuroneko, Kirino rejected the idea
- Met Fayte, talked
- Comiket started, Kyousuke commented how he should he cosplaying as Maschera's male MC to draw in the crowd
- Kirino asked him to stop being disgusting, Kuroneko leapt to his defense by saying he is suitable for the role and looks good
- Met Akagi-sis and mates from programming club
- Akagi-sis mentioned she saw a really bishounen trap somewhere at the comiket
- Kyousuke and Kuroneko started chatting
- Saori and club president talked in Gundam references
- Kirino felt left out
- Kuroneko pointed it out
- Akagi-sis passed Meruru doujinshi to Kuroneko, who gave it to Kirino
- Kirino warmed up to Akagi-sis, started chatting about Meruru
- Another club mate complaining how his elder sister got weird and blush at his presence after finding out the elder-siscon H-game he borrowed from club president
- Kirino and Akagi-sis started talking about their brothers
- Akagi-sis said she was lying about her having boyfriend, and was happy her brother was all worried, Kirino listened on with interest
- Their similarities with each other struck a chord with Kirino
- Kyousuke kind of happy after finding out about the situation of Akagi and his sis
- Their doujinshi are sold out
- Kyousuke felt coming to comiket was not a bad thing after all

Part 2: /forum/blogs/zgmfx19...ts-part-2.html

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