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Posted 09-07-2009 at 02:51 PM by Zeke
I get to go driving again tomorrow for my night orz. Its not as bad as I'm making it sound like though. Im trying to correct and revise my essay at the moment, but I keep getting distracted. Like right now, I'm not suppose to be typing this blog entry z_z.

About the site, I like the new layout. Mainly because I didn't play any of the featured games. Although it seems a bit cluttered. The color contrasts are nice, the blue and yellow/orange and all.

DFO OBT. Alot of people are raging because of the early access. I think its just a way for nexon to promote. To be honest, I think its a good idea for Nexon to do this. Why? It shows that Nexon actually cares enough about DFO to do these little quirks. The drama in DFO seems to have calmed down. I'm just trying to promote the DFO section of our forums, but its hard when you're trying to promote a non-existent game.

I feel like eating a pie. /end of thinking process and goes back to his essay

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