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:3 My Sunday

Posted 10-06-2008 at 10:46 AM by Yume
Updated 10-06-2008 at 10:50 AM by Yume
I meant to write this yesterday, but I couldn't because I was too tired and had to finish up homework.

Sunday, Oct 5th, 2008 Yume went to a birthday party of one of her school friends. 8) Her name is not "E" but I will call her "E." She's an exchange student from Germany, but she is Japanese. o: The party was at a hotel because we were going to go swimming there.

My friend, "K" and I went together. She drove on the highway there and I drove in the 'city' because she wasn't experienced. So we were a bit late because K had to work, but once we got there we weren't sure where to go. There were a bunch of high schoolers that we didn't know, but we eventually found the hotel room. :3 There were people that I had no clue who they were, but I think most of them were also exchange students.

After we got changed, we hopped into the pool and K tried to drown me. ;o; I can't swim very well, so I kinda just floated around, but K kept splashing me. D: Then we went to the hot tub and it was lub Jet stream on my back... /drool

We got out and changed and stuff and sat around a bit. We ate some snacks and sat around more. Then we... sat around more... and then pizza came \o/ so we ate pizza! There were like... literally 10 boxes of pizza. :x I think they were all the same. :x

After we ate, we sat around more. 8( and then... we got E to open some of her presents. :3

I got her these... penguin slippers and a headband. The penguin slippers seemed like a good idea /at the time/ but then I was like "...why do they look so ugly when I think about them" =( so I was sad.

\o\ then we sat around in the hotel room, watching cartoons and some sci-fi stuff came on. This guy I had no idea who he was started going all know-it-all about it. He's like "this is when they get caught in the card" and I'm like "O.o..." he was funny though. Then this other girl came and the guy and girl fought. They lied to me and said they were siblings. =(

Uh... I was pushed off the bed by K. ;-; then I took my shoe and smacked her on the thigh.

\o/ cake time! We went to eat cake, but I didn't really want much so K and I shared. When we were singing, that was when I realized that the party was for three people. .-.; I was like, "why are there three of them standing... and why is that person singing 'you three' instead of 'you' for the happy birthday song?"

The starting was kind of slow, but after cake, we went back to the room and sat around and talked. There was this one guy, Michel (pronounced Michelle, I think) thought that K and I were exchange students too. He was surprised at our names and about how... non asian they sound. :x but I gave him my English name, and K's nickname since no one can pronounce her actual name. :3

\o\ /o/ Michel was like "LOL SK IS THE BEST PLACE EVER" and I burst out laughing. He proceeded to compare the town/city sizes of Germany and SK. :v He said that he didn't even know what a SK was until he got here. .-.; He knew the provinces surrounding though.

Maybe it was the piggie tails I had, but he thought that I was 13. q_q;;; he thought K was 15, but she's almost 19. Woot for asian youth?

Theeeeeen, after talking a while, the party was over and we went home. Home was about a 45 minute drive, and we didn't have much gas. We were going to get gas at this place that's kinda cheaper/we usually go to, but it's self serve. K and I have never self-served gas by ourselves, so I was like "do we REALLY need gas..?" and K was freaking out because it was raining and didn't want the chance of running out in the middle of the road. So I was like, "Okay. We'll get gas."

First of all, she kept YELLING at me to go to the other lane, but another car drove up and we didn't want to wait so we stayed in the same gas lane. After the guy left, we drove up and yadda, stopped, parked, turned off the car. Both of us got out and I managed to get the lid off after... realizing you have to push and twist. :v Anyway, K is holding the gas pump thing, and she's like, "should I press start?" (this was before getting the cap off). .-.; anyway, then we got the nose into the vehicle, and she's like "REGULAR, PREMIUM OR PLUS!? I DON'T WANNA' MIX UP THE GAS =(" and I stared at her, then pressed regular. 8) I figured out that you had to hold down the handle underneath the gas thing, and she's like "let me do itttt" (it was her family car) 'cause she didn't want it to put in too much since she didn't have much money. \o\ okay, she stopped, and put the thing back, and I'm trying to get the cap back on. It popped back out and I'm like "shit." K was like, "omgomgomgomg" and I'm like "if we explode on the way home, we'll know why" but I got the cap back on. 8) I made sure it was on tight, and I could hear the old, fat man next to us snickering and laughing. ;o; K went to pay, and then came back and I started the car. We were like, "YAY, WE HAVE GAS!" when we watched the meter go up. \o\ /o/ \o/ hurray!

Then we drove home in the storming rain and wind. Freaken' wind was blowing the car around and I was practically swerving off the road, lol. K wanted me to drive 'cause I had experience driving in bad weather and she didn't.


\o\ /o/ it sounds boring to other people, I'm sure.

Edit: it needed more blue. :3

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