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Drifting Classroom

Posted 06-02-2010 at 10:18 AM by YukitchiSan
Updated 06-02-2010 at 10:20 AM by YukitchiSan
i later realized that I spent my whole day finishing one manga ._.;;...

Lool , please do pardon me in creating blogs about the Manga i have read...


One of the things that makes me read manga is how the mangaka drew their work... of course, it is one of the biggest factor to make you look forward on the next chapter.... good drawing skills for characters are surely to die for because i dont mind having nosebleeds while reading....

As i scan through the list of manga to read, I saw the title DRIFTING CLASSROOM... this manga was released way back 1972 ( i was not even born), so i guess you have already realized that the art is not that good so u totally have to bear with it especially if you are used with reading NEW mangas of your age but setting that aside, I really admire on how the author puts difficult details in his work.. I can imagine on how much time he spent in just finishing 1 page of his work...

going back to the story drifting clasrrom, the manga's genre is HORROR , PSYCHOLOGICAL ans SCI-FI in generalization....

the succeeding chapters are to die butt hurts for spending like more than 10 hours in finishing the 35 chapters of this manga in a whole day ....

the plot of the story revolves around the survival of these poor little kids because there whole school was transported in a barren wasteland somewhere where nothing is left.... ( i wont tell what causes this phenomenon for the sake of those people who wanted to try reading this manga... dont want to be a major spoiler)

there is no food to be found... no family... no adults or even worse, NO GOD...THERE IS ONLY FEAR...... everyone only needs to rely on themselves and maximize the goods they have in order to survive... ofcourse, some of the characters gone mad and end up killing each other in order to survive... ( HOW WORSE CAN IT EVEN GET?)

the manga is rich in story.. as what i have said, every chapter is worth reading... u will be able to realized the progress of the story where in OUR FEARS will turn into HOPE in order to survive.....

as i am reflecting to the story of this manga, I wonder what will I do if woke up in the next morning and my family is nowhere to be found or the world that molds me is completely barren?? what will i do if the world will vanish one day? ._.;;...

it is totally scary.... *begins recycling the garbage to diminish pollution xP* *also starts saving the planet*

oh well nevertheless, this manga made me cry... oh wait.. I always cry whenever I finish reading or watching something.. i dunno, but this manga is totally a tear jerker... x-x;;.. the turning point of events are really great...

eventhough this manga was written more than 30 years ago, it is hardly aged... MORE relevant as ever....

here's the link to manga

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