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Random blog post #1

Posted 11-22-2011 at 02:03 PM by WingedSylphe
  • Since I got a SC16 from Card ID on fox, I've been leaving aside my cat to level fox up. Note that my cat is still leveling however, mostly through Harkon Defense. And yet trying to avoid leveling SealFighter past 280 until SealDriller can efficiently kill Karan.

    Not that she cannot kill him. Poison Assault seems pretty damn awesome. But I gotta master it before getting Fighter to overlevel.
    Or not. Gotta keep my Karan fanclub president in shape!

    And also my objective of 100+ seals on Karan for my cat.
  • Meanwhile, got the full Gacha Town Special, plus an extra Amelie. Highest bid is of 100m for her atm. o.o
  • Still trying to figure out what to write as a fanfiction Idk if I should go for a Blood x Noxx, or a Karan x Tut / Karan x Skull.
    (Both are kinda canon in-game. Sorta. Plus that'd be funny as hell XD)
  • Also, Tetra needs to be fixed. ASAP. I mean, Gorgons are OHKOing Harkons on non-boss setting D:
  • And meanwhile IRL, working in the Enterprise Commitee of a investment bank. AKA checking incoming inscriptions, and calling people who can't event count properly.

    And believe me there's a lot of them. XD
  • And FrxUk all the way.

Anyways, enough blabbering, Seal's out!

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