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Joy of Spicy Dragon hunting.

Posted 10-14-2011 at 05:51 AM by WingedSylphe
So here I was, basically bored on Trickster and reading Hetalia fanfictions (cuz France x England ftw, so just ya know.)
And a guildie called me for help to go kill SPicy Dragon so he (and some other random lions who were also afk drilling there) could keep afk drilling there w.o being disturbed.

So I was like "Why not?"
So I went there, put up all my buffs + Anti banish/OHKO scrolls and Evolution mode and went to pummel it down.

And I forgot an important fact.
Spicy Dragon - ggFTW Trickster Wiki
Resistance to both Fire and Electric attacks.
And so to say, absorption at red yellow/red bar of both of those elements.

And since I entered with my 266% tenter spear and 179% inferno cape, i was more or less like...

So in the end, I had to resort to my last (and trusted) weapon.
One Bloody Pair+ Krusef and his almighty Skunk Pouch. And also Tidal Slash (which IS efficient as far as I know.
And it worked! XD

So yea in the end I reved up the lions which were dead, and I now camp the lair for the next spawn.
And I got a ult Arc stick 57MA slots. I wanna temper it o_o

Also gotta comp this kitty cape one day. Might serve a lot o_o

This was WingedSylphe, randomly burning from lava. Join me next time, where I keep watching the derp faces the ponies are making in my profile avatar. XD

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